The Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) is the latest in the line of the original Echo smart speakers. What started out as a dull, black plastic tube has evolved into a rather attractive cylinder with soft fabric sides now available in several colors. Which should you pick up? We have our favorites, but let's see if they match yours!

Oh that blue!: Echo (3rd Gen) Twilight Blue

Staff pick

The Twilight Blue color is really pretty and isn't so "in your face" that it would clash with neutral tones in your home. In fact, at first glance, many may have a hard time distinguishing the blue from a lighter shade of gray. Like the Sandstone version, it comes with a white plastic top and bottom, and that classic Echo LED light ring that comes to life when you invoke Alexa's name.

Char-cool: Echo (3rd Gen) Charcoal

There is a reason that Amazon didn't list this color as black, and it's not just semantics. The subtle variations in the color of the fabric pick up patterns and texture in the light that make this darker hue much more dynamic than the original black Echo ever was. We think it will look great as a centerpiece in your home, but it can easily fade into the background if that's what you prefer.

Subtle and sophisticated: Echo (3rd Gen) Heather Gray

When the 2nd Gen Echo came out in 2017, this was the color I rushed to get. I've always been a fan of the heathered look in t-shirts and other fabrics, and I really appreciate the richness it adds to an otherwise dull color. In fact, this Echo is anything but dull, and the black top and bottom components of the device really help that Heather Gray pop even more!

Clean and crisp: Echo (3rd Gen) Sandstone

While the Heather Gray and Charcoal versions of the Echo (3rd Gen) may come across as too dark or even masculine, the Sandstone variant has an accessible, almost cheery air to it. It does stand out a bit more than the others, especially with its white top and bottom contrasting so nicely with the blue Alexa LED light ring. We think this color will really brighten up a living room, kitchen, or even an office space.

Which one should you choose?

There are more Echo devices this year than ever before, with Amazon expanding the Echo Show and Echo Dot product lines, updating the standard Echo (3rd Gen), and introducing the Echo Studio. Amazon also has introduced some new colors to liven up its soft fabric aesthetic.

My favorite color among the Echo (3rd Gen) line is the new Twilight Blue. I think it adds a nice pop of color without being garish. Of course, you can't go wrong with the more classic looking Charcoal or Heather Gray versions, and even the Sandstone has an important place in the lineup.

Whichever one you end up choosing, you'll be getting a quality smart speaker that is improved over the previous generation with updated speaker internals to match the more premium Echo Plus (2nd Gen). Pretty cool!

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