Android at Google I/O

You'll still need to pay the entry fee, but we'll help get your foot in the door

The annual Google I/O developer conference is coming up in just three short weeks. We'll be there. Thousands of you will be there. It's going to be epic.

And Google has found room to squeeze in a few more. We've got 15 registration invite codes to give away. To be clear, these codes will not get you into Google I/O for free. You'll still have to pony up the $900 general-admission fee, and find your own way to San Francisco. (See this page for complete details on that.) But for many, the financial and geographical hurdles are the easy part — actually being able to register was what's hard. So, we're happy to help Google help you.

As for how we're going to do this? Let's rap.

We're going to do this over three days. The codes have to be used by 11:59 p.m. PDT June 9, though, so we need to be a little quick about it. We'll start today. But if you're not sure today whether you're going to be swing it if you win, no worries. You can try to enter on Thursday. And once more on Friday. Make sense?

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One more thing, and this is important:

Google I/O is a developer conference. If you're looking to go for free stuff, please don't enter. If you're looking to go for some other reason, please don't enter. And if you're entering this giveaway without any intention of actually going to Google I/O, please don't enter. We'd love to see every one of these codes go to someone who will use Google I/O to help make the Android community better than it was before they attended. Maybe that's you. We certainly hope so.

So, with that said, here's the plan. We'll be giving away five codes a day over the next three days in the following manner:

How to enter today

Just leave a comment in this post telling us what you hope to get out of Google I/O should you attend. We'll let this go through noon EDT on Thursday, June 5, and pick a winner at random. (Anyone who says "free stuff" or something similarly lame will be squelched without hesitation.)

How to enter on Thursday

We'll do a random contest through our forums. Check back tomorrow for a link to that one.

How to enter on Friday

You'll want to be listening to the Android Central Podcast. If you can't listen live, you'll want to catch the recorded version as soon as possible. More on that on Friday.

Get it? Got it? Good luck.