Podcast MicrophoneSource: Android Central

The Android Central podcast covers a wide range of topics each week, and even though we run 1-2 hours with each episode it's impossible to get to every thing that every listener wants to hear. That's why this week we're hoping to fill in the gaps and address exactly what you want to hear with an all Q&A episode of the podcast!

We're recording the podcast tomorrow, October 31, so you don't have much time — ask us whatever you want to know about Android, Google, Amazon, PlayStation, headphones, phones, tablets, Chromebooks, accessories, carriers ... well, anything you'd expect to see on Android Central. We'll get to as many as possible and answer them directly!

Just drop your question in the article comments below, or if Twitter is more your thing you can reply to our Q&A prompt there instead. We can't wait to hear from you!