It's almost here.

Google I/O is a bit like Christmas. Everyone gets together to drink, talk shop, and drink. Everyone waits in anticipation for Santa — Sundar Pichai — to come out and give us all our presents. Now, I/O makes a lot of parents — developers and bloggers — panic it's a chaotic time of travel and frantically trying to scoop together as much as possible to make sure the big day is perfect for their kids — users. And no matter what is announced on that stage, the only thing every kid wants on Christmas is to play with it. Right. Now. And while we have a pretty good idea of what some of our material design-wrapped presents are going to be, it's always fun to dream about what we're gonna get. And we Android fans have a lot to dream about this year.

So, what did you ask Santa for?

We covered quite a bit of ground in our Google I/O 2015 Preview, but among all the rumors and the wishes and the hopes a few presents are dancing in our dreams a little more often. Android M will be discussed, and we're likely to see some type of Developer Preview for everyone to try and download and break the Moscone Center's internet. Again. There's a wish list about a mile long for Android M, and it's different for everyone what's on theirs, but some of the more popular hopes this go-around are more stability (after half a year of Lollipop bugs abounding), a better permissions system, a native fingerprint API, and more Smart Lock loving.

But beyond Android M for smartphones and tablets, there are still quite a few presents sitting under the Bugdroid tree. While Android Wear has been evolving all year, we're expecting a few more announcements for our wearables. Then there's Android in the home, with Android TV and Android @ Home. Now, as Phil mentioned in the podcast, we've been burned by Android's smart home initiatives before, but we're hopeful that Google will be making a more earnest effort this time. And while Android TV is still creeping out to more TVs and set-top boxes, we're hoping to see more content deals and functions slipped into these little boxes, like the ability to watch more live TV. The NVIDIA Shield Android TV is also expected to get some more attention and details announced on Thursday. Oh, and there's probably going to be a new Chromecast, which was one of the biggest surprises at I/O two years ago.

It's not exactly easy to come by, but at least it's out there. Kinda.

Android Auto is moving at the speed of the auto industry, and that's not exactly a great thing, but we're hopeful that it'll get some more love, from developers and automakers alike. It'd be wonderful for them to start announcing what vehicles will be seeing Auto this year, especially for people who intend to buy cars this year. (Hint hint.)

And of course, Chromebooks will get some time in the spotlight. Google will be showing off the Chromebooks Pixel LS — many hope it'll be in their I/O gift basket — showing off the number of schools and enterprises buying Chromebooks, and after the announcement of the ARC Welder to help developers bring Android apps to Chrome, the dreams of Chrome and Android coming closer together may be more than wishful thinking this year.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there's a lot to come in the next few days. So what gets your data pumping? Vote on what you're looking forward to the most below, and in the comments, tell us what pie-in-the-sky dreams do you hope come out of Sundar's lips on Thursday.