While users and developers everywhere continue tearing into the Android M Developer Preview (if you haven't yet, please see our required reading on the subject), we can't deny that there were certain events from the nerdy nirvana that is Google I/O that made us squeal just a little bit more like a giddy schoolgirl than everything else. And while opinions vary, we all agree...

There's plenty to be excited about.

Who's ready to Now on Tap that?

Taking top spot in this weekend's poll results is Google Now on Tap. It's hard to deny the appeal of a new level of contextual search, especially after the demonstration on stage. How well Now on Tap will work in the real world is a little less certain, given that Now on Tap isn't in the M Developer Preview right now, listed as coming soon. Nonetheless, the premise and promise captivates over a quarter of this weekend's voters.

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In a surprising tie for second-place was one of the only features all users can play with today: Google Photos. Photos has won a lot of hearts and minds in a short time — even among our editors — and I've even seen my less tech-savvy friends come up to ask me about the "new" service. While the makeover of Auto-awesome to Assistant is nice, the new search abilities in Google Photos are breathtaking. I have thousands of photos that I've never bothered to tag, and they've been sorted automatically, even pictures from my Disney College Programs a few years back.

Tied with Google Photos is the Android M Developer Preview, which we're still digging through ourselves on our melee of Nexus devices. There's a lot here to love, but we can't quite marry ourselves to the little touches we're finding here and there — like the dark theme options in the Settings app — because most things here are subject to change. And coming in hot on the M Dev Preview's heels is one of M's more awaited features, the new app permissions system. Some hope it can rein in runaway apps, others hope will force users to be more cognizant of the abilities their apps are asking for and getting.

Android Pay was the top of the fractured bottom quarter of the poll, and while many wonder why we're getting a new app for all the things that Google Wallet already does, we're hopeful that this system will see wider adoption. Because of the projects shown off after this poll was put out, such as Project Soli and Project Jacquard, Other rose steadily through the weekend, but wasn't quite able to overcome the Fingerprint API's votes.

What from I/O impressed you the most? Disappointed you the most? Shocked you the most? Share your favorite outlandish I/O moments in the comments and as always, share your ideas for a future sidebar poll. You might just see it here Tuesday!