The Pixel Watch is still $100 off for Prime Day, but not for long!

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My favorite smartwatch of all time is on steep discount for Prime Day, coming in at $100 off the normal price! But remember that this sale only lasts another few more hours so, if you were considering picking up a Pixel Watch at some point, now is the best time yet to get one.

Ever since it came out, I've worn the Pixel Watch daily — something I haven't done since the days of the Huawei Watch or Moto 360 — and I just can't get enough of its sleek design and super responsive UI. It's also the best workout partner I could ask for, giving me real-time stats and access to notes and notifications without having to fumble for my phone while working out.

Google Pixel Watch: $349.99$249.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel Watch: $349.99 $249.99 at Amazon

The Google Pixel Watch is the most stylish smartwatch on the market with its gorgeous circular curved design and a stark OLED display on the front. Plus, it's got Fitbit built right in so you know you're getting great health tracking from the start.

The Google Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch I've found in years that's good enough for me to wear and love using every day. Many of the problems I had with older Android Wear smartwatches were fixed with this release, the foremost being  speed and responsiveness of the interface.

The Pixel Watch is liquid smooth when scrolling through notifications, opening and running apps, and calling up Google Assistant to make quick, hands-free commands from your wrist. That last part, in particular, was a huge deal for me as Google Assistant was terribly slow on almost every other Android Wear watch up until this one debuted at the end of 2022.

And while I don't use too many apps on my watch, I had no idea how nice it would be to quickly multitask between a few with the tap of the dedicated button. It's a small button located right above the beautiful rotating crown that can be single-tapped, double-tapped, or long-pressed to perform actions.

A quick single tap brings up the recent apps menu while double-tapping quickly swaps between the last two apps you were running. Long-pressing brings up Google Assistant, or you can just say "Hey, Google" at any time to call it up.

There's also an LTE model of the Pixel Watch that's on sale for an even steeper discount on Prime Day. You can take $110 off the normal price of $399.99, making it under $300 for Prime Day.

Google Pixel Watch LTE: $399.99 $289.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel Watch LTE: $399.99 $289.99 at Amazon

Need a smartwatch that can work on its own without needing to be paired to a phone? You'll want the Google Pixel Watch LTE with eSIM capability. It's got all the same great features and speed of the regular Pixel Watch, just with dedicated cellular network connectivity.

Both models of the Google Pixel Watch support all the best Pixel Watch bands, some of which are also on sale for Prime Day. My personal favorites are the Woven band and the Stretch band, the latter of which you can see me wearing in the image at the top.

All of these bands are quickly and easily interchangeable thanks to the ingenious quick-release button design from Google, making the usual chore of swapping bands an absolute cinch.

Just be aware that you'll need to buy an adapter if you want to use any existing watch bands you already have, so be sure to pick one of those up from Amazon if that's a need.

It's also worth noting that the Pixel Watch doesn't have the greatest battery life of all time. You'll get through a full day on a single charge without too many issues, but folks who were hoping for multi-day battery life are out of luck.

You also might want to pick up an extra charger just in case one of your pets eats your cord, as this charger is a proprietary wireless charger. That means you likely can't just charge your Pixel Watch using any old wireless charger lying around.

Ready for an upgrade? Grab that Pixel Watch for cheap, and thank me later.

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