The Pixel Watch's bezels are bigger here and small there, we're confused

Google Pixel Watch with Fitbit data
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google Taiwan uploaded a Pixel Watch teaser which appears to show smaller bezels on the watch.
  • The watch's screen is fuller, taking up more space for a richer experience.
  • While there is confusion on which is the correct render, we will have to wait for the MadeByGoogle event on October 6.

The Pixel Watch will be revealed during Google's fall event, but its recent Taiwanese design teaser has us taking another look.

The sharp eyes of a Reddit user spotted that the size of the Pixel Watch's bezels in the overseas teaser is smaller (via Droid-Life). The teaser is exactly the same as the one we were giddy over just a few days ago. The only difference is the Pixel Watch faces showcased through this video appear to be more prominent, taking up more space.

A gif showing the difference in the Pixel Watch bezel size.

(Image credit: Droid-Life)

It does feel a bit strange that the one we watched a few days shows thicker bezels which creates an overall smaller display. If we're considering smartwatches now, many of the best smartwatches out there right now are attempting to shrink their bezels, which gives apps and content more room to breathe, especially on already-small displays.

However, Google has seemingly been quite evasive when it comes to showing the true bezel size of the Pixel Watch in its promotional material. While the watch face designs may catch your eye, the ones shown don't have much going on in the background to let us judge for ourselves. It's hard to gauge what the bezels look like when everything in the background blends together.

Additional comments on Reddit question, which is the true watch face since we've been treated to two versions of the device. It's possible that it has nothing to do with the bezels and simply the watch faces being incorrectly rendered.

In the end, we're nine days away from fully seeing the Pixel Watch's full picture, but the appearance of its retail box isn't making the wait easy. The MadeByGoogle fall event will clue into the Pixel Watch, alongside the Pixel 7 series and the next wave of Nest products.

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