New Pixel Watch teaser video showcases design and new watch faces

A look at a watch face's design for the Google Pixel Watch.
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google's Pixel Watch gets its own teaser video about its design and watch faces.
  • We're treated to a couple of colored bands alongside a look at a watch face displaying Fitbit's integration.
  • While no preorder date was teased, we expect it to begin on October 6 after the MadeByGoogle event.

The Pixel Watch is the next product to tease us as we eagerly move toward Google's fall event.

Google's latest video about the upcoming Pixel Watch gives us a good look at its design both as highly polished renders and on the wrists of a couple of lucky wearers. The MadeByGoogle event is slated for October 6, where we should see the details of the Pixel Watch fully unraveled.

As the video begins, we're treated to someone wearing the Google smartwatch to gain an understanding of what it'd be like on our own. Google quickly takes us into renders of the watch's body before showing us a watch sporting the lime green colored band. We're then treated to a simulation of the bands snapping into place. The circular watch twists before returning to its original position, locking in the bands.

An interesting point about the Pixel Watch's silicon bands is that they resemble Fitbit's infinity loop bands which come with a few of its best smartwatches. Speaking of Fitbit, the video takes us through a look at several of the watch faces, which all look clean and straightforward against the dark background. One of these watch faces includes a Fitbit logo on it between a user's steps taken and calories burned.

The new Pixel Watch will utilize Wear OS 3, and it was mentioned that it would integrate Fitbit's health and fitness software. As the video closes, we're treated to one final look at a Pixel Watch sporting a grey band and a model showing off the watch one final time.

While we were treated to the preorder date for the Pixel 7 with its first impressions video, unfortunately, we didn't get that with the Pixel Watch. We are expecting preorders to begin for the Pixel Watch on October 6 once the MadeByGoogle event closes, much like the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. But we'll have to wait and see what happens once everything is said and done.

Google will also showcase its next line of Nest products at the fall event. This is a great move, considering the Pixel Watch has been teased to include apps to control your Google-powered smart home devices.

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