Pixel Watch retail box revealed as Google preps for the big launch

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • The Pixel Watch appeared at a Target distribution center.
  • "With Fitbit" is featured on the front of the box, furthering cementing the integration of the health and fitness software with the Pixel Watch.
  • The MadeByGoogle event is set for October 6 at 10 AM ET.

Google's Pixel Watch appears to have been captured already in the hands of a major retailer.

An image of the Pixel Watch's retail box was posted on Reddit in the hands of a worker at a Target distribution center (via Droid Life). The image was taken over the weekend, showing the Pixel Watch in all its (boxed) glory and just out of the plastic wrapping.

A Target distribution center worker holding the new Pixel Watch inside its retail box.

(Image credit: Reddit)

There was no additional information provided with the Reddit post, although the image itself is enough to send us all into a frenzy. This particular Pixel Watch box appears to indicate the watch inside will come with the grey infinity loop-style band.

Speaking of that band, our eyes ended up gravitating toward that "with Fitbit" graphic at the bottom right. We already knew the Pixel Watch would integrate Fitbit alongside Wear OS 3. This would provide users with Fitbit's health and fitness capabilities commonly found in its own line-up of wearables alongside sleep tracking.

It was also recently announced that Fitbit accounts are being phased out completely by 2025 in favor of Google accounts. Fitbit has stated that users will not be able to sign into its platform or use any new features/devices without a Google account. However, the company also informs that users will be given the option to transfer their Fitbit data over to their Google account during that time.

Google and Fitbit have become closer, considering the latest Sense 2 and Versa 4 smartwatches' UI are very similar to Wear OS 3. The Pixel Watch also goes into depth with Fitbit seeing as that will be the driving force behind its sensors for health and fitness, while Wear OS 3 will tie it all together.

The MadeByGoogle fall event will take place on October 6 at 10 AM ET. The Pixel Watch, alongside the Pixel 7 series and new Nest products, will be fully revealed with release dates, as well.

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