The Pixel Watch app gets a new update for 2023 — here's what's new

Google Pixel Watch hazel/gold colorway with the Pacific watch face
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What you need to know

  • Google has announced a new update for the Pixel Watch app.
  • The update comes with bug fixes and new educational content on how to use certain features.
  • Pixel Watch users can start updating the app now, although it will roll out over the course of a few weeks.

The Pixel Watch has had a few updates, but the companion app hasn't gotten as much love. However, just days after Valentine's Day, Google is gifting Pixel Watch owners an update for the Pixel Watch app, mostly to add helpful new content.

In a community post on Thursday, Google detailed the changes it's making to the Pixel Watch app, of which there are few. In addition to bug fixes, Google has added new educational content to help users navigate some of the features of the Pixel Watch.

The most notable instructs users on updating the Fitbit ECG app on the Pixel Watch. In addition, it will also help users navigate Calendar sync settings and provide tools for offering feedback. Here's the full changelog of the February 2023 Pixel Watch app update provided by Google:

  • Education on how users can update their Fitbit ECG app on the watch.
  • Education on how to use “Calendar sync” settings.
  • Tools for offering feedback.
  • Bug fixes to improve the quality of the app.

While Google highlights this as the first update of 2023 for the Pixel Watch app, this isn't the first update since the app launched. An update in November was a bit more exciting than this one and included not only easy access to the 3D tutorial of the watch but also provided new Fitbit integration features and bug fixes for eSIM setup.

The Pixel Watch app can be updated through the Play Store on your Android phone. Google says it is available as of now but will continue rolling out over the next few weeks, so you may have to be patient if you don't immediately see it available.

As for the Pixel Watch itself, the Android smartwatch has received contistent monthly patches since December, with the February 2023 update only providing the watch with a new security level.

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