Best smartwatches with temperature sensor 2024

There's no shortage of brilliant wearables of all shapes and sizes. You can find fitness trackers that excel at keeping you in shape, women's smartwatches that add menstrual tracking, lifestyle wearables that look good, and all-rounders that do just about everything. Smartwatches with temperature sensors are hard to come by, but they're not impossible to find. We've rounded up the best smartwatches that come with a temperature sensor in tow.

Best smartwatches with temperature sensor

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Best smartwatches with temperature sensor

Before diving into our top picks, you might have noticed that most of the best smartwatches with a temperature sensor overlap with the best smartwatches for fitness. That's because a body temperature measurement sensor isn't something a very commonplace feature in most flagship Android smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro do come with one, but it hasn't been activated yet so we decided to skip them for now.

If you're focused on your health and would like to track various metrics, the Fitbit Sense 2 is a fantastic pick. It has a skin temperature sensor as well as SpO2 and heart rate monitors. You get plenty of sports and exercise tracking options and the app support is decent. It even has NFC for payments via Google Wallet and the battery life is wonderful.

For those who fixate on fitness on another level, the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro is a stellar choice. It's a lot more expensive compared to any of the Fitbit watches on this list or the Amazfit GTS 2e, but you get an impressive number of features for the money. Not only does it have every single biosensor imaginable, but the Fenix 6X Pro is also built like a tank. This GPS-enabled smartwatch lasts for up to 21 days and it has a whopping 32GB storage for all your music files and other data. This is the ultimate smartwatch for pros who want as detailed info about their health and workouts as possible.

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