Best Garmin Vivomove Sport screen protectors 2024

The Garmin Vivomove Sport is a solid fitness tracker that resembles a standard wristwatch, but has tons of smarts inside to track everything from your activity to your sleep, heart rate, stress, and more. Launched at CES 2022 in January, it has a sleek screen housed in a 40mm plastic case and comes in four attractive colors. If you want some added protection for the screen, you'll want to consider a Garmin Vivomove Sport screen protector. However, it has to allow you to still see the display clearly, and do things like double-tap to wake it up or navigate screens via swipes. We have rounded up the best Garmin Vivomove Sport screen protectors you can buy.

Here are our picks for the best screen protectors for the Garmin Vivomove Sport

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Which is the best screen protector for the Garmin Vivomove Sport?

The Garmin Vivomove Sport is still fairly new, and it isn't so common that you find screen protectors for smartwatches, so there's not a lot out there just yet for this particular model. However, it's worth considering as an inexpensive purchase to offer some added protection for the watch. When you think about it, you will be wearing it 24/7: At the gym, the office, running errands, doing chores, and while out and about. Nicks, scuffs, and even potential cracks are par for the course. With a simple screen protector, you can help prevent that. 

All of the Garmin Vivomove Sport screen protectors on this list are pretty standard; made from similar materials and making similar promises of being able to see the screen clearly, while enjoying the same touch sensitivity with it on as you would normally. There are ones that come in multi-packs, too, so you have spares, or can start over if you botch the first installation attempt.

I'm always partial to known brands so I'd stick with the IQ Shield, which comes highly rated already by owners, and is a company known for its screen protectors. But you can save a few bucks, or get some additional neat features, with some of the others on this list. With all of them coming in at less than a standard fast food meal, it's worth taking the chance to see what offers the best fit, literally. Once you've chosen a good screen protector, consider taking a look at some great Garmin Vivomove Sport bands to switch up the look.

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