Best Fitbit Inspire 3 bands 2023

Fitbit Inspire 3 on porch railing
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One of Fitbit’s newest fitness trackers, the Fitbit Inspire 3 is ideal as a first-time, affordable tracker, or for those who want something simple. It has all the features you’d expect from a tracker these days, including 24/7 activity, heart rate, sleep, and stress tracking, along with a generous 10-day battery life. It also has features like Active Zone Minutes so you can keep track of progress as you exercise or go about your day, aiming to reach a personal or set goal in each 24-hour period. It has tons of other great features like Sleep Score, meditations and guided breathing, oxygen saturation, temperature monitoring, and more. This means you’ll want to wear the tracker 24/7, which will require a comfortable band, but also perhaps some fashionable ones, too. We have rounded up the best Fitbit Inspire 3 bands you can find already so you have options at the ready.


Here are our picks for the best Fitbit Inspire 3 bands

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Which is the best Fitbit Inspire 3 band?

It’s important to note that with a markedly different size from its predecessors, with the Fitbit Inspire 2 with a small band at 140mm to 180mm and the large for 180 mm to 220 mm compared to 137 mm to 193 mm for the small and 193 mm to 221 mm for the large, bands for the older model Fitbit Inspire 2 won’t fit the Fitbit Inspire 3. That means if you’re upgrading, you’ll need a new selection of swappable bands as well. 

Some Fitbit devices have bands that are interchangeable with one another, and it’s pretty simple to change a Fitbit band. But when it comes to the Fitbit Inspire 2, it’s in a league of its own for now. 

That’s why you’ll only find a limited selection of optional bands right now for the device if you want something other than the official Fitbit bands, which come in a variety of colors. But among this selection, the VOMA Genuine Leather Bands represent the nicest upgrade to something different from what the tracker comes with. It’s sleek and elegant, so you can wear this one to school or the office while you wear the sporty one to the gym. 

When it comes to sporty, the E ECSEM clear bands are really different, and while you might not wear them everyday, it’s a nice departure from the usual. 

Once you have chosen the right band, or selection of bands, don’t forget to pick up a screen protector for the Fitbit Inspire 3 as well to keep its screen fully protected from bumps, scratches, dust, and debris.

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