Visible vs. Cricket Wireless: Which is better for you?

Trying to decide between Visible vs. Cricket Wireless can be confusing. Both are low-cost, prepaid wireless carriers that leverage their larger networks to give subscribers affordable and reliable service. Cricket Wireless uses AT&T's networks, while Visible uses Verizon's networks. These two carriers trade blows when it comes to coverage, especially in rural areas, but most people should have no issues with coverage on either.

Cricket's offerings are laid out similar to those of other operators, with four primary plans. The three larger plans are eligible for multi-line discounts. Cricket also has two unlimited plans and supports nationwide 5G, but only the more expensive unlimited plan comes with premium data and hotspot usage.

Visible, on the other hand, offers more with its two simple plans. The base option's well-suited to those looking for cheaper unlimited data without needing the fastest speeds out there. Then there's Visible Plus, which comes with faster 5G and 50GB of premium data, which make it a good pick for those in congested areas or users who just want to make the most of a new 5G plan.

Visible vs. Cricket Wireless: What kind of service do you need?

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Visible keeps things very simple, but its choices may be lacking for those looking for some something smaller or wanting to bring the whole family along. Visible has no multi-line discounts, so there's no incentive to bring your whole family. If you're just looking for service for yourself, it's a great option, but if you've got a whole family to get connected, you won't find any discounts.

Cricket Wireless has a more traditional layout of plans, with four main plans starting with 5GB or 10GB of data. The 10GB plan also gets minor multi-line discounts and an auto-pay discount. Moving up to unlimited plans, the cheaper unlimited plan is likely going to be the sweet spot for many families that need a lot of data but want to save on service.

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Header Cell - Column 0 VisibleCricket Wireless
Base networkVerizonAT&T
International callingYes (Visible+)Yes (for an extra $5 per month)
Domestic roamingNoYes
Mexico and Canada DataYes (Visible+)Included with Cricket More and Cricket Core Unlimited plans
Hotspot dataUnlimited (capped at 5Mbps)15GB with Cricket More Unlimited plan
5G accessYesNationwide 5G on all plans
Video stream quality480p (SD)480p (SD)

Cricket also allows you to roam in Mexico and Canada for up to 50% of your usage. If you're a frequent traveler or have family/friends abroad, this is definitely something you might be interested in. It's also important to note that Cricket's prices drop when you add more lines, making it almost as affordable (though still more expensive) as Visible.

Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada is included with both Visible plans, but you only get data roaming and international perks with Visible Plus.

Visible vs. Cricket Wireless: Visible's plans


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Visible offers two plans but sticks to unlimited everything on both. What separates them are data priority and international features. Visible's base plan is most similar to the old plan we tested in our Visible review, though responsiveness may be a bit better thanks to a change in how Visible devices connect to the Verizon network.

The base Visible plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data including hotspot use at 5Mbps. You can connect to 5G though your speed will be limited as compared to Verizon's postpaid plans or Visible Plus. For most people, however, Visible still has plenty of speed for just about anything. Visible also includes calling to Mexico and Canada with the base plan.

If you're looking for a bit more, Visible Plus unlocks 5G speeds with Ultra-Wideband support and even comes with 50GB of premium data to keep your speeds up when network congestion is high. You get the same 5Mbps hotspot usage as the base plan, however. International features get a big upgrade with Visible Plus adding in usage in Mexico and Canada, calling to 30+ countries, and texting to 200+ countries.

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Visible's plans
Header Cell - Column 0 VisibleVisible+
DataUnlimitedUnlimited (50GB premium data)
5G accessNationwideNationwide and Ultra-Wideband
Hotspot dataUnlimited (5Mbps)Unlimited (5Mbps)
Spam protectionYesYes
Price$25 per month$45 per month ($35 for limited time)

Visible vs. Cricket Wireless: Cricket's plans

Cricket Wireless uses AT&T's huge 4G LTE and 5G networks with four plans available. The two base data plans come with 5GB and 10GB data. One thing to keep in mind is that the 10GB plan gets multi-line and auto-pay discounts that the 5GB plan doesn't. If you get three lines, the cost ends up being the same for 5GB and 10GB. Even more interestingly, though, at three lines, you could go up to the Unlimited Core plan for the same price.

If you want to get the most out of Cricket Wireless, Unlimited More (also known as Unlimited + 15GB Mobile Hotspot Data on their website) plan is the way to go. It's a bit pricey at $60 per month for a single line, but the price comes down pretty quickly with multiple lines. Still, with this plan, your data is upgraded to premium, meaning it will take priority over other Cricket customers. You also get 15GB of hotspot data to share with other devices. Last but not least, this plan comes with ad-supported HBO Max and 150GB free cloud storage. All other plans offer 2GB free cloud storage.

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CategoryCricket MoreCricket CoreCricket 10GBCricket 5GB
DataUnlimited (premium)Unlimited10GB5GB
Hotspot15GBAdd-on available (10GB for $10)NoneNone
Mexico and Canada UsageIncludedIncludedOnly with new accountsNone
International text37 countries37 countriesWith additional feeNone
5G accessNationwide 5GNationwide 5GNationwide 5GNationwide 5G
Streaming resolution480p480p480p480p
ExtrasHBO Max (with ads) & 150GB cloud storage2GB cloud storage2GB cloud storage2GB cloud storage
Single line price$60$55$40$30
Four-line price (per line)$33$25$28$30

You should check Cricket's coverage map to make sure if it will work in your area, though each Cricket plan comes with roaming. This is especially useful if you travel frequently. If you travel abroad, there are clear advantages to both unlimited data plans (Cricket More and Cricket Core), including unlimited international texting to 37 countries and service in Canada and Mexico—although Canada usage must be less than 50 percent of overall usage.

Visible vs. Cricket Wireless: Which is better for you?

There's no denying that Visible is one of the best MVNO carriers available today. With Verizon's network, unlimited data, 5G connectivity, and unlimited hotspot use, it's hard to beat even its basic plan. Visible is one of the best values for those looking for a single line, and it gets even better with Visible Plus. With Visible Plus filling the premium gap for the carrier, you can decide if you can get by on Visible's basic plan or want some of the best speeds of the Verizon network with Visible Plus.

Ultimately both carriers are strong choices, but when it comes to saving money and unlimited data, Visible comes out on the top. Cricket's top plan is worth it if you're looking for a family plan and can sign up for at least two lines. This brings the cost down to $45 per month, or as low as $33 per month if you have four lines. It's a good deal but still pricier than Visible.

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