Is Visible offering real Unlimited Data?

Visible speed test
Visible speed test (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Yes! Visible will never slow down your data just because you're using a lot of it, meaning you're free to stream and browse to your heart's content. New and existing customers can currently get unlimited LTE speeds with the service, but at a later date, Visible will implement a speed cap of 5Mbps.

You can use as much data as you want on Visible

When Visible says that it has unlimited LTE data, it means it. Unlike some carriers out there, there's no cap to how much data you can use before it gets slowed down.

Per Visible's official FAQ on its website:

Do you slow down my connection based on how much data I use?Never. Visible won't slow you down based on your data usage.

If you do end up experiencing slower-than-expected speeds, this is likely due to network congestion. Practiced by Visible and just about every carrier, users may experience slower data during particularly busy times simply due to a lot of traffic on the network.

However, when the network gets congested, your data could slow up for a bit. But this is common for any person on any carrier.

There's no speed cap for data, at least right now

Next, let's talk about the speed of Visible's LTE network, as this is a little confusing.

Visible usually has a speed cap of 5Mbps for its data, but "for a limited time," that speed cap is removed so you can experience faster speeds. According to Visible's FAQ, "you'll typically experience 4G LTE network download speeds of 5-12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2-5 Mbps.

That's not bad, but it's also considerably slower than some of the LTE numbers you can pull down by subscribing directly to Verizon.

Any new and existing customers during this promotion will keep their uncapped speeds as long as they remain a Visible customer, but at an unknown date, it's expected that Visible will reimplement its 5Mbps limit.

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