Verizon's rumored Galaxy Note 2 may have a secured bootloader

Nobody is sure that Verizon is getting a version of the Galaxy Note 2, but the latest rumor is that the beast does exist, complete with a "locked" bootloader. Enough leakage suggests that Verizon will be getting the new Note, and we wouldn't be surprised one tiny bit to see it locked down tight as a drum. That's what the folks at BriefMobile are hearing from their ninja. 

As mentioned above, we're not surprised. Verizon has a history of wanting to keep tight control over the phones on their network, as evidenced by the extra bootloader security built into the Galaxy S3 on Big Red. The same Galaxy S3 that got cracked, hacked, and jacked to hell and back by Android hackers. We'll see the same here we think. 

Source: BriefMobile

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Typical Verizon...
  • No surprise there
  • Did anyone expect anything else from Verizon?
  • JB for my Galaxy Nexus? no?...bah =(
  • Wow, I forgot about that. You're doing real bad when sprint is ahead of you. :(
  • I'm just hoping they get the Note 2. I can get over the bootloader crap. I haven't had a reason to root my GS3 yet. But, if Verizon does get it, the bootloader will be taken care of just like the S3. I just wonder why Verizon is pulling this crap with Samsung and no other manufacturer. Motorola is starting to provide bootloader unlock tools; and HTC has been offering them for the longest. And before the Verizon S3, Samsung was known to be the most hacker-friendly. So, why now? What is Verizon afraid of?
  • BTW, root and unlocking the boot loader are two different things.
  • Just like the GS3?? If someone in Samsung hadn't leaked a unlocked version of the bootloader the bootloader would still be locked. I highly doubt anyone would break the encryption of the stock bootloader.
  • Doesn't brother me that much since i don't root phones.
  • not quite the same thing.
  • BREAKING NEWS... The sky is blue
  • First off, I still do not see them getting it. Next, yeah that is an obstacle for Samsung phone
  • I try not to blast too many comments out or even in the forums.....but this is something I just don't get! Understandably they are tired of people screwing with the phones & then in-turn try to replace them based on warranty and whatever else when it's usually "Customer Error" in most cases. So ya VZW I get that part but when did devices "WE OWN" become VZW property as well for them to monitor or control? Last I knew Home Personal Business electronics & gadgets we own to do with as we may choose......Hell you can't even dare to try that on a sold PC, Laptop, or Netbook. It was argued in court back in the day where the big boys lost. Ya you get HP's or IBM's proprietary software suite as they call it but it's yours to own. Isn't a Cellular device the same thing or basically moved in that direction? Maybe I'm just lost but I doubt this will last too much longer with VZW getting the short end of the stick they don't want especially after their LTE Bands(700mhz or 1900AWS) are to be open for different handsets. Does anyone smell a Lawsuit? Just Sayin Just Sayin
  • The "Customer Error" I referenced to is something the VZW Tech Support has told me several times, not towards myself but in general. Just wanted to clarify Lol
  • The only "customer error" is the error of continuing to be a Verizon customer once you are out of contract.
  • While I'm not agreeing with the locked bootloader policy VZW has taken (I bought a Gnex just for the fact I could easily root, unlock, hack, rom, do whatever I want to it), you're not correct in that you own the device. Unless you buy it off contract for full retail, VZW owns a good chunk of the phone that you pay off over the course of your two year contract. Reading that over makes me wish the U.S. would adopt a no carrier subsidization policy similar to Europe. It's insane you're spending $200-300 on a phone and you still don't completely own it. Perhaps what they COULD do (not that I would expect it) is make it that if you buy the phone full retail you have the option of getting an unlocked bootloader. That would be interesting. Or just do what Moto does and offer developer editions.
  • While a logical point, that still isn't an excuse when every major US carrier sells subsidized Galaxy S3's and the only locked ones are Verizon's.
  • As for trying that on a PC. did you miss that on the 32bit version of windows 8 PC will come with locked bootloaders to prevent loading non Windows OS?
  • Where's the hate. Samsung does this not a lot hate. Motorola does it and the forums go blazing so sad
  • Because it's on Verizon and it's pretty much expected with them.
  • No hate from me for either MOTO or HTC or Samsung on this one, it is all Verizon hate
  • Not surprised at all. Hopefully Samsung can strong arm them and say no this time around.
    Or they will promise a dev friendly Note 2, which will never come tru.
  • Please don't tell me that this would surprise anyone. Verizon securing bootloaders? Never! Verizon wants to sell you new phones so they can get people out of their unlimited data plans. The biggest benefit to having an unlocked bootloader (for me anyway) is extending the life of my phone past its official update life. My OG Droid is a perfect example. Yes, I know that roms are possible with locked bootloaders, I had CM7 on my Droid X2, but its easier and less risky with your bootloader unlocked. If I'm happy with my current phone for longer, I keep my unlimited data for longer. I have learned that Verizon's decision making has little to do with their subscriber's happiness and more to do with their greed. I am really beginning do dislike them (well all by their coverage) and will be shopping the competition as soon as my contracts are up.
  • One of these days the FCC will grow a spine. That 1 million dollar hit for not allowing tethering on LTE wasn't even a slap on the wrists. Verizon also isn't technically allowed to lock our bootloaders as they're not allowed to under the deal they struck with the FCC for C-Block spectrum. The FCC needs to take lessons from Ike hit Verizon hard and repeatedly, until it realizes it's a dump pipe and nothing more.
  • At this point, I see almost no need to root anyway. Jelly Bean looks and performs great. This locking boatloader thing may be a good idea. IMO
  • This isn't exactly news ... The GSIII has a locked boitloader its a virtual certainty that the Note 2 which has very similar hardware will too. Why does this warrant an article? If I wanted articles masquerading as news taken out of thin air I would read BGR.