Verizon thinks customers want a rewards program for paying their bill

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As the U.S. carriers have increasingly similar services and devices available, they're all looking for something to differentiate themselves with. Verizon thinks that a rewards program is what people have been craving, so it made one (opens in new tab) — called "Verizon Up."

The premise of Verizon Up is pretty simple: pay your monthly bill, and as you spend, you earn credit that can be redeemed for rewards or experiences. Every $300 you spend on a Verizon bill (which shouldn't take long), you get one credit — that's enough for one reward. Simple enough. Each month Verizon will roll out six new rewards for you to choose from — the first round is four months of Apple Music, a 20% off voucher for JetBlue flights, and three months of HBO Now.

Most people would prefer Verizon just lowered their bill.

There are also other reward categories that you can take advantage of. You can get every-day discounts at Verizon partner retailers, pile up $10 vouchers toward your next device purchase and get access to popular event tickets. To start getting credit for your bill payments, and to check out the other small deals, you can sign up quickly from the My Verizon app (opens in new tab).

This immediately seems like a straight shot at the ongoing T-Mobile Tuesdays offering, but with the distinct difference of the biggest deals being tied to continuing to pay Verizon. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would simply prefer their Verizon bill be lower rather than subsidizing all of these rewards ... but then again, Verizon claims this is what we were asking for.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Ah, ya know, Verizon has had a rewards program (and you get points for paying your bill) for a few years now. This is just a new name and some minor changes.
  • I don't remember how to get into that one but I had like 700k points for the one you're talking about. It was awful though.
  • And Verizon is right, people do want a reward program for paying their bill. Maybe not this program, but people do want one. And sure, everyone would like a lower bill, but i still want a rewards program to go along with that lower bill and I doubt that most people would say no to that combination.
  • Speak for yourself, I do not want another rewards program!!
  • So people have to be bribed to pay their bill?
  • Yup. Of course everyone wants a lower bill. One thing about a good business is that you can't just offer a lower price, you have to offer incentives and value. If all you have is a lower price, the Very same people who came to you for a lower price will leave you as soon as someone else offers a lower price; and trust me, someone else *will.*
  • So, you have to join Verizon Selects to get Verizon Up.... which means you get these "free" rewards by agreeing to let them data mine your phone. No thank you
  • Can I get one of those aluminum foil hats you're wearing?
  • You must be one of the people who believes foil hats actually work, because he's right:
  • This sounds like just like what Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, Google, and a billion other apps already collect. I have an idea. Let's close the internet and then we will all be safe. Shame on Verizon for wanting to monetize their investments and further invest in technology and return money to shareholders..... Silly capitalism. It'll never work. (I say sarcastically).
  • You also have to opt-in to Verizon collecting and sharing usage data if you enroll:
  • For those not familiar with what Verizon Selects collects: What information is used? Information used by the Verizon Selects program includes:
    Information about your wireless device and how you use it - including web addresses of sites you visit, similar information about apps and features you use, as well as device and advertising identifiers.
    Information about your device location, including network data and location information transmitted by apps you permit to use your device location.
    Your postal and email addresses.
    Information about the quantity, type, destination, location, and amount of use of your Verizon telecommunications and interconnected voice over internet services and related billing information (also known as Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI).
    Information about your Verizon products and services and how you use them (such as data and calling features and use, Fios service options, equipment and device types).
    Information we get from other companies (such as gender, age range, interests, shopping preferences, and ad responses) or that you provide.
    Information advertisers share with us to better target their own advertising.
    This information may be combined with information collected by Oath advertising services on devices you use to access Oath services and visit third-party websites and apps that include Oath advertising services (such as web browsing, app usage, and location), as well as information that we obtain from third-party partners and advertisers. This information is described in the Oath and Yahoo privacy policies. We do not share information that identifies you personally outside of Verizon as part of this program other than with vendors and partners who do work for us. We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us.
  • This sounds like just like what Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, Google, and a billion other apps already collect. I have an idea. Let's close the internet and then we will all be safe.
  • Why do I get the feeling that Andrew Martonik's blog post is meant to ridicule Verizon here and make their Rewards program seem unimportant? First of all, let me just can't trust TECH BLOGGERS, like Andrew Martonik, when they come out writing about things, THEY THINK are good for us. As a matter of fact, we as readers should automatically think that they are wrong the moment they do so. For example... Remember, we were told that our Monthly bill from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T would all lower if we just buy the phones upfront and do away with the subsidy plans? How stupid was that! It's just not the people from Android Central, but other mobile blogs as well. The reason for this is because tech bloggers are intellectually void of reality. They don't make anything or manage anything. All they do is write and tell a story. That's why they constantly get everything wrong, like subsidy plans and this Verizon Rewards program. The other thing they are also wrong with is NET NEUTRALITY. They are dead wrong on that.
  • Is that you trump
  • No, that's more like any president. Anyway, he's a blogger, not a journalist so yes, it is his opinion.
  • True. These Android Central writers get things wrong all the time. And they are completely bias.
  • Your tinfoil hat is a bit tight, Donald Trump.
  • Then go away, it's really simple. I'm one that appreciates Andrews reviews and input.
  • Why should we go away? What exactly was Andrew's review and input? This enlightened statement: "Every three hundred you spend on a Verizon bill (which shouldn't take long)" or this one: "I'm sure there are plenty of people who would simply prefer their Verizon bill be lower rather than subsidizing all of these rewards." Although I would prefer to surf to ANDROID CENTRAL and not be forced to look at all the ads, the reality is this is how ANDROID CENTRAL pays biased bloggers like Andrew. And while yes a lower monthly bill from Verizon would be nice, I also realize that you get what you pay for when it relates to service and that I don't need the latest and greatest equipment which lends 30-35% more to a cell phone bill. And besides that, I'm thinking that if price was the single most important issue when people select a carrier, Verizon wouldn't be the number one carrier in the country. PERIOD. I have Verizon because I simply can't afford to miss a call or a text message. if Andrew wants cheaper, or believes this all that matters to people then he should climb a tree with some hub caps and build his own freakin network and charge what he wants or what he thinks is fair.... but he won't. He would rather complain about stuff instead of fix it.
    I'm done. Now go hug someone.
  • Instead of trying to compete with T-mobile's Tuesdays program, I would prefer if Verizon tried to compete with T-mobile's Jump On Demand program. I don't know all the details of it, but on the surface, being able to try several devices a year without buying them outright, sounds interesting.
  • With Jump On Demand, as far as the carrier's books are concerned, you are buying the phone outright on finance payments, just like buying a new phone on any carrier these days. The difference is when you want to jump - TMobile contracts with a third-party company that essentially buys back your current phone for what's left of the contract, then you get a new phone and the cycle starts over again. I don't see Verizon as a company very open to contracting with a third-party company like that, but it would be awesome if they did so.
  • I had jump for years, and got rid of it. T-MO just doesn't have a wide variety of phones, you would want to JUMP to.
    Some years are better then others, but at least in my stores, it's just whatever Galaxy and then one more phone if you are lucky (Flagships).
    Remove Samsung and it's not very good. ..I think I lucked out when I brought in my Z3 I wanted to try (found it for like $300) and they gave me back a few months of the jump $$ since I never used it- *I had the original JUMP, and then the newer one.
  • Cool story hipster bro, love the derogatory tone, because it’s not something coming from the bloggers sweetheart, T-Mobile.
  • We do not want another useless rewards program. We would not mind lower prices tho!
  • People speaking for the "We" is greatly appreciated since the "I" cannot speak for myself.
  • Would be nice to have a poll/question, that way, we can each individually know kind of like of an OPEN DISCUSSION with new ideas and paths. Boy, we sure don't ave any of that in 2017! Oh you know what? That is exactly what the COMMENTS section is for!
  • Its better than the previous rewards program that only offered a minor discount on products that I don't need.
  • Really???? people want to be rewarded for paying their bills! Wow I can't believe it.
  • I don't think it is that they want to be rewarded for paying their bill. I think it is for being a continued customer with that provider.
  • Thanks.
  • Don't forget to thank TMobile for this....
  • This is old, just rebranded. I thank T-Mobile for the unlimited data, T-Mobile customers should thank Verizon for the inclusion of HD video and mobile hotspot at no extra charge on their unlimited plan. Competition is great.
  • I've had HD video and mobile hotspot included on my TMO plan since 2012. Why would I thank VZW?
  • You have always been rewarded for paying your bill. Your reward is being able to continue using said product.
  • Rewards are optional. Being able to use said product isn't really optional, it's the main thing.
  • It works for Credit Cards (Citi's Double Cash)... Sure, they don't ask for as many permissions to sell your personal data, but similar idea.
  • My Verizon plan is used for work VPN and as a reliable smarthome backup. I'll probably go ahead and signup knowing there's just not much data they can even mine there.
  • This is an updated version of an old rewards program with a new name and new system.
  • ya know just do away with the rewards program (they make there money up for it some where anyway) take the money they spend on that program and give me better pricing!
  • Years ago, for about a day and a half, they had a VIP program. Got me in store discount of twenty percent on accessories, waived upgrade fees etc...
    Bring that back I have had lines with Verizon since 1999 - each time I call they comment on how good and loyal, and long term a customer I am - well show me the love Big Red.
  • They need to show you something?
  • No thanks I will stay with Sprint. I get 60.00 per year just for using Auto pay and up to 500.00 for a customer referral (meaning 100.00 per new account). That's not bad considering my monthly service plan is 60.00
  • LOL / Good point!..."I'm sure there are plenty of people who would simply prefer their Verizon bill be lower rather than subsidizing all of these rewards ... but then again, Verizon claims this is what we were asking for."
    I often wonder if when a company says "you've asked for _x_ and here it is!" they sometimes just make that part up?
  • Free trials of paid services is NOT a reward. F--- off verizon.
  • How about TMobile pricing and a rewards program? I travel overseas a lot and left Verizon for TMobile because of the free international roaming. Don't miss Verizon at all.
  • Just got the notification for this... what happens to all my old Rewards points?