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Verizon to release update tomorrow to bring Flash to original Droid

Motorola Droid owners have been anxiously awaiting an update for Verizon that will bring support for Adobe Flash. We reported last week that Verizon officially announced that the update would be the second one to come after the initial Froyo roll-out. We knew that it was coming, we just didn't have a date. 

Well, Droid-Life has been slipped a screen shot from Verizon stating that the update will be released tomorrow, Aug 24. Great news for Droid owners, who want to add Flash to their mobile experience. Be on the lookout for the update tomorrow! [Droid-Life]

[Ed. note: Any time we use the words "Verizon," "update" and "date" in the same sentence, our mothers and lawyers remind us that there's a better than average chance that we'll get through the target day without anything actually happening. Just saying.]

  • First to ask what about the x?
  • How about some FroYo for the Incredible VZW??
  • Let them get one update done before moving on the next. I wonder what the other improvements will be. Audio?
  • This IS the Froyo update for the Droid 1. Or the last third of it, I should say.
  • I believe your lawyers are right: nothing will happen. I know people still waiting for the first Android 2.2 OTA. FRG22D will at first be hand-delivered by the Tooth Fairy riding a purple Yeti; the update will be on a gold 32GB MicroSD card to a select few. Only after those deliveries have been made will it be delivered OTA.
  • Any clue what the security updates are?
  • Should we uninstall flash if we previously got it through other means?
  • ill hold my breath
  • Someone had better send paramedics to hotkoko's place.
  • Please do!
  • Got prompted for one today,..blocked it in clockwork recovery.
  • I'm using flash ripped from the Droid 2. (found online) It is much much better than the beta 3 from the Nexus. I updated with the rooted FRG22 but my wife is using the stock (VZW prompted - non rooted). It works great on both phones.
  • This is ridiculous. Three to four updates each for the Droid, Droid X, and Evo in the last few weeks. And I have yet to receive ONE update for my droid incredible since I got it on launch day.
  • What updates did the Droid X get ? I havent seen any
  • Hey VZW what about the incredible? I understand these things take time, but a word up would be nice!
  • Good luck with that. You should take a look back in the forums in January and February and search for 2.1 Update to Droid. You'll understand the Mother, Lawyer reference a little better. At least all these phones are going to be updated, eventually. Think about Eris and Milestone owners. :-(
  • I was looking on the verizon website, and found this. Make sure you look at the photo telling what it's for. It says it's a mandatory update, so it should go out soon, and rapidly, judging off the way it was described.
  • So if we already installed flash not from the market, will we still recieve the update? Or should we uninstall it? i dont want to miss teh security updates and what not that come with the update
  • I love watching the Inc getting left out AGAIN................Just tell me what phone to get that gets the love...I am so tired of this. Take the Incredible out of the DROID group because it obviously is the forgotten step child.
  • I don't understand how the Incredible is being left out, "again." The Droid 1 was out first. This is the completion of the 2.2 update for that phone on Verizon. Your phone launched later with 2.1 and is due to get Froyo in "late summer". You'll get it. Fear not. This is the price we pay for having options in hardware. Try having a Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone. They go years between OS updates or they never get them. 2.2 doesn't add that much.
  • I downloaded & installed Flash from another site. I have a stock D1 running 2.2. Although it's been only a day of trying it, I was so disappointed in how Flash videos run. They were choppy & unsynched. All the Flash ads run, but I don't care about them. Somewhere there are settings for the program but haven't found them yet.
  • Look for the version pulled from the Droid 2. It works a lot better. With Nexus's beta 3 version of Flash I had jumpy video but with the copy from the Droid 2 it is quite smooth. (on both my wife's stock FRG01B and my rooted FRG22 at 600 MHz). Flash version I believe.
  • I think this is it.
  • Tried to download to my D1 running FRG22D. Said "Cannot download. This content is unsupported on this phone." Also, even after this morning's OTA, I still can't "see" 10.1 in the Market.
  • still waiting for froyo update. moto Droid. 1
  • Still no update yet another crock of shit from this site
  • it really is a crock of shit
  • I think myriad46 is right, we will get the update, we live in a gotta have it now world. The serenity prayer- "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference."
  • Shut up you weirdo. what r u talking about?? If it is coming streight from verizon on a certain date, then yeah people are expecting it. If not then they shouldnt post it
  • what ever, but if you new anything you would know that verizon never did give us a date on the upgrade (for the dinc), it was just a rumor, get your facts straight, you weirdo!
  • yes they did and I don't have an incredible. and this article does say a date.
  • verizon never gave a date on the upgrade for the droid incredibe, check your facts! i never said you had an incredible, however my original post is on the incredible.
  • new date for for incredible. Sept 1st. last time it was August 18th
  • Just another rumor though, I'll believe it when VZW says it or better yet when I turn on my phone and it says new upgrade available.
  • Has anyone acctually gotten this second update of Froyo for the original Droid?
  • No hope it will. Don't want to manually install unless it don't happen soon. I'll give it until the middle of September.
  • Anybody know what's going on with this update? I've been waiting and am dying to see flash on my DROID.