Verizon offers 10% accessory discount to vaccinated customers

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What you need to know

  • Verizon is offering tech discounts for vaccinated customers, the company announced on Monday.
  • The company will let you claim 10% off any mobile or smart home accessory. This deal will go live from Tuesday, June 15.
  • Verizon will allow eligible customers to stack this discount on existing deals.

As vaccinations ramp up globally, Verizon is looking to encourage American customers to get their shots with the universal language of money. The company will offer a 10% discount on any Verizon-sold accessory to customers with at least one shot of any COVID-19 vaccination. The company will also offer this discount to public servants, including teachers, nurses, and first responders.

Verizon announced on Monday:

Starting June 15, Verizon is offering an additional 10% off one accessory to all Verizon customers who received at least one COVID-19 vaccination. The discount is also extended to the tireless nurses who have been on the frontline helping people battle COVID-19, first responders who help countless Americans every single day, military personnel who protect our country, and the thousands of teachers who keep the classrooms running and our kids educated in a virtual environment.

This offer will run through July 15, and codes will need to be redeemed by August 15 at the very latest. The company will also let you stack this code on other Verizon deals, allowing you to pick up smart home accessories, some of the best wireless headphones, and other devices the company sells but at a lower cost than you'll normally be able to.

You can take advantage of the offer from Verizon's mini-site starting on June 15. The website does not appear to be live yet, but we expect it to come online once the promotion starts.

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