Verizon Moto X soak test invites going out again

Soak test invites follow closely on the heels of news that KitKat is coming 'in a matter of weeks'

After hearing that the Moto X would be getting Android 4.4 soon, seeing Verizon users get a soak test invite is a bit intriguing. If you're not familiar, a soak test is where a group of people are chosen to do a sort of private beta test on the firmware, to make sure things don't assplode or catch fire before the software is rolled out to everyone. We see it a lot with Motorola devices, and it generally works well.

Of course, they also have soak tests for small, incremental updates — which this very well may be. Though the process is marked confidential, secrets like this are impossible to keep and we'll know exactly what the update is all about once it rolls out to the soak testers. Of course we'll keep a close eye on this one, and you'll know more when we know more.

If you're interested in getting in on some hot soak testing action yourself, have a look here (opens in new tab) to get started.

Thanks to all the anonymous people who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • its unlikely Verizon is sending soak test for 4.4!!! well, you know why..
    but i would love to see 4.4
  • I'll take that bet.
  • I would too considering matt jones commented on a earlier G+ posted encouraging people to get on MNF for 4.4
  • Can you provide link?
  • Link from Matt Jones at Motorola..
  • If Moto X on Verizon is among the first to get 4.4, that would be saying a LOT.
    Even if it's only the first device on Verizon to get 4.4, that's still considerable.
  • I believe that it will be 4.4 for the Moto X Posted via Android Central App
  • Holy cow how exciting! -Moto X-
  • not only is this going to be for 4.4 but i loved the word usage of "assplode" this phone has no other issues as the last one fixed the main voice calls. the camera app is now separated to get updates in play store. it only points to 4.4 if execs are claiming "few weeks away" sounds like a nice xmas present.
  • I agree with only 500,000 units being sold, Moto X needs something to get the buyers interested, Now with all providers now have Moto Maker I think getting 4.4 might be the thing to generate interest.
  • Every sign points to 4.4. Keep in mind, this is not the same moto from a year ago. Google owned = faster updates. Verizon is a different story altogether. Posted via Android Central App
  • First to get 4.3 on the S4, so let's see. derp
  • Soak test invites do not say when the test starts. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nope you will get another email with all needed info and also when the soak will be pushed out.Thats all I can say the rest is secret ;)
  • Yup. XT1060 via Android Central App
  • I'm hoping the update for the new Droids isn't far behind...
  • Me too, Been keeping an eye on this everyday