Verizon, AT&T Galaxy S4s also getting software upgrade [Updated]

New firmware includes apps-to-SD, Samsung Knox

Update: Looks like AT&T is pushing out a similar GS4 update (opens in new tab) over-the-air.

Original story: Following the international and Sprint versions of the phone, Verizon's Galaxy S4 is today receiving a software update with a couple of significant new features. While a full changelog isn't yet available, the new "VRUAME7" firmware update seems to include apps-to-SD card support as well as Samsung's Knox security software for BYOD — both features found in the recent Sprint GS4 update. In addition, the same firmware update for the international GS4 brought improved performance, so that's something else to watch out for.

Knox in particular might be of concern to rooted users wanting to maintain superuser access to their devices, so if you're rooted you might want to hold off applying this update for the moment. Right now it seems the new firmware is only going out through Samsung's Kies desktop app, rather than over-the-air, as a hefty 1.8GB download.

Source: Android Central forums; Thanks, Jason!

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  • Omg Verizon pushed out an update? I'm shocked. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1
  • well so far the Verizon update isn't working, its just a loop.
  • At&t is has also pushed out the update, I received it this morning Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App
  • Meant to just say "has" Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App
  • That's what I've been waiting for
  • Alex this update apparently breaks root, may want to update post. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Please don't update if you're rooted!!!! DON'T UPDATE IF YOU WANT TO KEEP ROOT!!!
  • So should I update if I want to keep root or not update if I want to keep root?
  • This is utter crap. You buy the phone, then you shouldn't have to worry about "updates" that interfere with your chosen use of the phone. Rooting provides NO danger to the interests of the carriers whatsoever. Crap like this happens on Apple all the time (Jailbreak, Apple patches, jailbreak again, Apple patches again - what about people who bought unlocked phones or are no longer on carrier subsidy? It's THEIR phone, not the manufacturer's or carrier's). One of the reasons I moved to Android was freedom from this garbage.
  • Or that carriers block things like wallet. We can't rely on them to have our best interests at heart so we should be allowed to load our own software. I paid full price for my phone.
  • Well the carrier can lose out if you do like so many others have done. Root, brick then whine that the phone is broke and they should fix it. Verizon just really hates their customers so there is that too. Samsung is notoriously easy too root so the fix should be out any second now. Does root keeper help? Posted via
  • No, root keeper does not work. It's not just that root was broken, it's the entire boatloader was replaced, so that whole exploit was patched and a new one must be found. It's not just about rooting anymore, it's about the boatloader, and that's a tougher nut to crack. Not so notoriously easy anymore thanks to Knox
  • Omg. This is unpossible. Are cats and dogs living together in sin? I am sure it's Obama's fault Posted via
  • Waiting for some comments from tech community to make sure VZW hasn't botched this update. Posted via Android Central App
  • Whelp looks like I'm going back to stock for the app2sd support. Posted via Android Central App
  • Samsung sucks...#TeamHTCOne Posted via Android Central App
  • Where's your 4.2? Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App
  • Haha! Posted via Android Central App
  • Omg 5, 4, 3, 2 let the forums start filling up. Why is my widget working, why can't I move this app or that app, why doesn't this game work. Omg why didn't my memory improve. App2sd is a band aid and in the end will cause more issues and crys then help. Posted via Android Central App
  • True but when it's what you have to work with, you run with it Posted via
  • I upgraded my Sprint GS4 last night - had none of these issues. Memory usage stayed about the same, moved all my game data over and ALL of them (mostly modern - Asphault 7, Real Racing, One of the HD Angry Birds, GTA3&4, Dead Trigger and Riptide) work perfectly. Tried to move over Google Music - but it won't let me - but cache is still backing up to SD card slot. I did a factory data reset as well - everything is as snappy as when I turned down animations to 1 (from 1.5) through the developer console at the default 1.5. The only hiccups I get are when I'm trying to flip through screens while something is updating/downloading through Play Store - but that's a pretty common sense problem given I'm accessing a partition that's being written to - and even then, it equates to a frame of animation lost here and there. Overall - very impressed with this update, couple of weird things: 1) Transparent notification tray isn't alltogether transparent - it gets darker as you get toward the edge of the screen - not complaining - helluva lot better than black bar of burn in waiting to happen - but it's not as clean as, say, using Nova launcher and having a completely transparant bar. 2) Live WP don't impact transition animations whatsoever, so no need to use static wp in hopes of not getting jutters/stutters 3) Speaking of Wallpaper - it appears that a couple were deleted, and a couple of stock wallpapers added - this is just weird, not bad...just strange. 4) Oh look at that - I can uninstall all the Sprint crap without root - yippie skippy - now I don't have to hide Bacon Reader and Sprint Zone :) 5) Oops - I made a folder in my application menu instead of on a home screen and I can't move anything to it or delete it (at least insofar as I can tell) 6) Did I mention all of the performance issues with the UI are gone - game performance an synthetics tell a similar story though I'm up about 1.5 - 2% in synthetics across the board - though that may be due to fresh install...but it's still nice! 7) Oh god, factory data reset - now I have to go find that stupid option to keep my home button from double clicking and opening S-Voice - also, "Life Companion?" Really Samsung... guy that can't possibly hook up with anyone other than a phone. Here's hoping that I don't find a domestic partnership .pdf to fill out on this thing - every time I see life companion I think of myself in a big gray sweater and slippers. 8)Oh look - more toggles, that was necessary 9) Memory usage is still about flat a day later - hovers around 800mb on clean boot - and about 1.2 for daily use 10) OMFG Verizon, AT&T and Sprint within 24 hours for a phone update - and that not years (AHEM GINGERBREAD) after the update was pushed overseas - my's full of stars Jack
  • Bingo
  • Woo hoo! downloading AT&T's now!
  • So many GS4 haters! Sad!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • No update for T-Mobile?
  • It WILL break root permanently. Not going to be pretty. They really did a number. Gonna take an entirely new exploit to crack it. Breaks fox Fi tethering as well for non rooters.
  • So I seem to be stuck in a loop if anyone knows how to fix this! Kies connects to my phone and tells me there is a firmware update yet while its downloading it disconnects from the phone and then when its down it reconnects and tells me there is a firmware update and over and over again. I'm on Verizon. anyone having this issue?
  • And yet they got in trouble for this once before. I guess Verizon wants a fine levied against them
  • So is it VZW not allowing the update?
  • Replied to your post in error. Not sure why it went under yours. I was trying to reply about FoxFi getting broken.
  • If you are referring to the fine about tethering, they can and will block you from doing it if you are on an unlimited plan. They got fined for charging extra to those on a capped plan, having to pay extra to tether on the LTE bands. You are still free to tether through the vzw app, but they changed the authentication process that allowed fox Fi to work. I'm only reporting what I read from others. I'm rooted/romed so I would never take an OTA/update until its been fully dissected.
  • So ATT, Vzn, and Sprint S4's are all getting updates,. . .but nothing mentioned about the T-Mobile S4??? Posted via Android Central App
  • still waiting for verizon update
  • Its not a OTA update its only on kies
  • Still have not been able to figure out the Verizon update just a loop still. Anyone else with Verizon tried it success or fail?
  • Updated for me no problem and I was rooted.
  • Key word...WAS rooted. You won't be again for a while.
  • FYI anyone who updates to this on verizon is no longer able to unlock the boot loader .... thats the post about it.
  • Moral of the story... Don't be so quick to upgrade without conducting research. Posted via Android Central App
  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch....the Sprint MF9 update yesterday left the bootloader unlocked and still rootable. Life is good! It's good that there is at least one developer friendly carrier, maybe 2(T-Mobile?)
  • +1 Posted via my Totally Android Central Themed including FX Cased, Rooted Sprint GSIII named "White Dragon".
  • Lol. Good thing you get app2sd support, because onboard storage is gonna be 6gb! Sure wish my HTC One had that as a feature. Posted via Android Central App
  • go ahead and open your camera because the firmware needs to update so do it now before missing that one in a million shot. It takes several seconds to update.
  • This better not be their "fix" for the internal storage. I'll sell my S4 and buy a One just out of principle.
  • Buh bye Posted via
  • I updated my AT&T GS4 today, but have a question - did this update fix the lag issue on the AT&T version? It seems to be running smoother, but it could just be wishful thinking on my part. Posted via Android Central App
  • Downloading the update as we speak, so I'll give you a second opinion soon enough. Posted via Android Central App
  • S4 sucked returned for note 2 much faster smoother s4 epic fail w gimmicks
  • S4 does not sick and it's actually a lot better than the note2.You should have waited for this update because the s4 runs a whole lot smoother.
  • My talkback bug is gone too which is my favorite part of the update. You don't hear that annoying voice anymore when using the native internet app with apps like Lightflow enabled in accessibility
  • i've heard other posts mentioning the addition of an SPD Client app as well. Does anyone know what that is?
  • FYI... The Verizon update was just pushed to my S4! Installing it now.
  • Got my update Wednesday July 10 and it seems to be clicking along quite well. Thanks Verizon. I especially was glad to be able to move over half my apps to the external card and I would encourage all developers to upgrade their apps to store data on the external card, if available. That would really enhance apps to have this flexibility. Posted via Android Central App