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Verizon has the country's best wireless customer service

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Verizon logo (Image credit: Android Central)

Things invariably go wrong with any product or service, and those people need support to get them back to the experience a company tries to put forward for everyone. When what goes wrong is the phone we keep our whole lives on, or the cellular connection that we use as a literal lifeline in our darkest moments, good customer service isn't just desires, it is necessary.

So, which carriers took the top spot in a new survey of carrier customer support by Tom's Guide?

Verizon came first this year, beating out last year's winner AT&T as well as inching past T-Mobile. T-Mobile just edged out AT&T, knocking the Texas-based carrier down to third in this year's rankings. AT&T added AI-based operators to its support call system, slowing response time and rankling its ratings.

Check out the full results at Tom's Guide, then tell us if it matches your experience when dealing with your carrier's tech support.

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  • This will be news to most Verizon customers.
  • That's what I was thinking. I've never heard good things about their customer service.
  • It's not news to me, never had any issues with Verizon customer service or their network. Both are top notch.
  • They probably didn't count "why is my bill $40 higher than the advertised rate" questions as "customer support".
  • What exactly are you talking about.
  • They obviously didn't deduct points for VZW forcing customers to listen to advertisements for new devices each and every time a customer calls in.
  • +1!... i hate that when i call for tech or sales support for my android phone, the very first thing i hear is basically how great the iphone is... as if it's the only device they sell, or like i've never heard of these newfangled "i" devices...?!
  • No one is FORCING you to do anything, at the end of the day, Verizon is running a business, and they have every right, like any other business to promote their products, be it online, or while you are waiting for customer service, and what exactly is the problem with you having to listen to some sales talk while you wait, you are not forced to listen to it, or buy the products they are advertising.
  • The problem is that they make you listen to the ads before you can even make a selection to speak with someone. If it was just ads in place of hold music I wouldn't even care.
  • I switched to Verizon about a month ago cause my girlfriend wanted us to share an unlimited data plan. I must say that I'm not impressed. I got better service with cricket
  • Any time I've had problems or need help with service I go to Verizon website and use the online live chat service. It's always been quick and helpful. No complaints whatsoever. YMMV of course.
  • This.
  • Then go back to your "where is my service" cricket plan.
  • I know​ it's super cool to hate Verizon, but my family and I are with them and stay with them because of vastly superior geographic coverage and great customer service anytime I've needed to contact them. Oh well, hate away and have a good one.
  • Hey in these threads, people hate whatever the story is about.... doesn't matter what it is.....they will tell u in their comment that they own or subscribe to said thing and still hate it lol.....people love to hate stuff, that's just what it is these days lol
  • It's due to everyone relating their anecdotal experience. Personally, I've never had a bad experience with AT&T when I was work them, and so far T-Mobile has been good as well. I know people that have had horrible experiences with all 4 major carriers. Sprint is the one that I hear they most horror stories about. I guess part of it depends on what you're contacting them for.
  • The ones that are hating are those that want superior service, but hate that they have to pay for it, you know, the ones that want to pay the dollar menu price and receive the full meal service.
  • Lol. Seriously! Tell that to my family members that hate calling Verizon customer service and the dozens of forums filled with complaints. Not to mention walking into a Verizon store is like walking into a car dealership on steroids. At least they still have good rural coverage.
  • No documentation on sample size, methodology, margin of error.... bleh.
  • LOL, some "survey"!
  • Been with verizon 25 years. As soon as my last line is off contract, im taking my 4 lines elsewhere. Customer service was a big part of that decision. One thing I hate is being lied to, and j/off.
  • I am sure they did not lie to you, you just did not comprehend what they where telling you.
  • I've been with Verizon over 10 years and I will say that I have never had any issues when calling in. In fact, I recently called about a higher than usual bill and the rep who helped me took a look and removed/lowered some fees for me so my bill is back to managable levels.
  • My account got shut down last year because it wasn't paid on time, I got them to credit me the reconnect fees even though I was the one who forgot to pay the bill. Only company I've ever had credit me fees for my own mistake.
  • I left because of customer service. After 4 months of trying to get my pixel XL promotion honored, they charged me $325 inconvenience. Maybe I'm an outlier but I walked.
  • I wasn't impressed with Verizon customer service at all. Not even on my first visit when I opened 4 lines, they didn't even throw in a free case or anything. T-mobile on the other hand they go the extra mile. Hands down best customer service in the US. I love calling them.
  • Why should they throw in a free case, T-Mobile with their crap network will give you hand jobs to sign up with them.
  • The best customer service is the one you never need
  • Amen
  • What did JD Power say?
  • Verizon typically wins awards from them too.
  • Just got around to checking and JD Power and Associates says AT&T is the best, followed by T-Mobile in second place, Verizon one from the bottom in third and Sprint taking it in the, bringing in the rear at dead last.
  • Bahahahaha this is hilarious. The fact that last years winner was AT&T should have told you that this "survey" is bogus
  • It must have to do with how I treat their agents, but whenever I need help I don't yell, swear, or call people names, and I use please and thank you. They've always gone above and beyond, helped me way past my warranty expirations, given me free exchanges, waived fees, and given me discounts and free shipping. Great customer service and awesome coverage.
  • I've honestly never had problems with any carrier's customer service and I've had service on all four major U.S. carriers.
  • Better customer service than Tmobile, far better than AT&T, can't comment on sprint or others. Verizon literally does whatever I ask of them within reason, obviously they won't give me free service. I always get someone who speaks fluent English and willing to help. Last year when they were doing bonus data with purchase of a new iPhone I got bonus data for each line without upgrading a phone, simply called customer service and asked. Also get good service in most of their stores, my experience with Tmobile is they skip over the individuals to work with families that walk in.
  • I have actually been surprised by how good it is. I've been with Verizon about a year now, started out Prepaid to test it and then went postpaid and added my girlfriend with an iPhone. The only thing I've been annoyed about is they let iPhones upgrade after a year on device payments, other phones they do not without being paid off first. We were on Cricket before and they were also pretty good, probably the best of the prepaid only carriers. I have tried some others like Page Plus and NET10 and those I did not like. Also with any carrier stores they can be hit and miss on how knowledgeable​ and helpful they are.
  • I'm sure you've probably seen it, but on the Android side of things, Verizon normally has the Samsung flagship on the annual upgrade program as well.
  • ??????? Never seen that?.with vzw
  • Who lied? VZW costumer service stinks. I almost never have a good time.
  • Out here in the PacNW, Verizon offers the best coverage, hands down. GSM carriers don't even come close. I'm off-contract pre-paid, which works pretty well. No complaints, but then I never call them for service, either.
  • +1
  • Been with them for 16 years so . Ive never really had a bad time. My local store is a joke. But i called them directly and always got great service.
  • I have been with vzw for over 15 years. If you kill with kindess you can virtually get anything reasonable​. I can outmanouver their tech services, to get replacement hardware. That's by knowing more than them.
  • I was with Verizon for about 6 months and finally left them due to very bad coverage at my house despite thier coverage map saying otherwise. After a dozen calls to CS and Verizon CSR agents promising to send an engineer to my area to diagnose the problem nothing ever happened. What's crazy is I am in a huge metropolitan area and the other 3 carriers have excellent coverage at my house. The agents were always friendly, but I grew tired of having smoke blown up my ass. I am back at TMobile and consistently see 150 Mbps down on my S7. The Tmobile corporate store near me (actually there are 2) is excellent and they go out of thier way to take care of thier customers. I can't wait to see what the $8 billion of 600 MHz spectrum that they just purchased does to thier coverage area not that I have any problems now.
  • I hate Verizon's crippling phones and their stupid CDMA network that rules out 90% of unlocked phones, but they just work. For me, I've had nothing but good experiences with their customer service and their coverage rocks.
  • the c. s. is ting your should try it
  • I've been with vzw for well over a decade. Haven't yet a billing fubar like AT&T, Tmobile or Sprint. Coverage works at the cabin and in the mountains where no one else does. Had issues in China and Thailand. Customer service resolved. After over a decade, I've not yet nor my wife encountered a bad customer experience (of many) with Verizon. 5 stars. I'll keep paying for it, no problem.