Vector 32: The ultra-high definition future of television and transcoding

Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform analysis podcast where we talk about the biggest stories and issues in tech with the smartest people in the industry. On this week's episode, Don Melton and Guy English join Rene to get super geeky about 4K TV (aka UHD or 2160p), HEVC (aka H.265), VP8, and the future of televisions, physical and digital media, and transcoding.

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  • aka we need to still rock plasma's until 4k oled arrives
  • That's what I'm doing. Went to CES and saw all the 4K TVs, then came home and bought a Panasonic plasma.
  • Every year the Panasonic plasma's are the highest rated televisions. The best part, they are cheaper than LEDs.
  • 4K is beyond overkill. Want a realistic picture, go outside and experience the world first hand! Lol but seriously this HD crap is ridiculous beyond 1080. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yea, I'm happy with my vizio 240htz 50 inch that cost me under $600 over the $1200 I would have paid for another Sony. Out of my LG, Samsung and Sony tvs I've owned the experience with vizio has been the best. Posted via Android Central App
  • You definitely get the best bang for your buck going with Vizio. The same speced TV from sony, samsung, sharp, or panasonic will cost you nearly double what Vizio charges.
  • i feel like ur in the wrong place to be hostile towards technology.. Since when was better... worse.. No one here hates 4k television. We all collectively just dont want to pay a whole lot for it. The price will come down and it will be widely adopted. Im sure even you will buy one. One day... Unless by then the whole tv experience is replaced with something new. But as for your comments im sure at every level people have been saying the same thing. From b&w to color. analog to digital... why improve when what we got is good enough.
  • Totally agree, I have a 39" $500 Aus UHD TV, little content, but very good, I sit 15 feet away, with good long vision. I use an HDMI 2 cable, Windows 8.1, AMD Radeon 7750, with 1 GB GDDR5, YouTube downloader. Media Center, Cyberlink DVD player 10. As too upscaling, works fine for me, $100 Blue Ray with ordinary HDMI cable, 30 channel digital TV set top box, $40, ordinary HDMI great. $50 Chromecast, from my Nexus 5, 7 FHD terrific, android TV, again great. Some details, landline ADSL 2+ modem, household power line network to Ethernet and WiFi n. Network hub to both computer and Blue Ray player, HDMI hub for Chromecast, Android TV, Blue Ray player. Speakers for computer, 3 HDMI inputs to UHD TV, 1 for HDMI 2 from computer, 1 for HDMI hub, 1 for set top box. 2 USB ports, 1 for power to Chromecast, 1 for USB stick input. Wireless headsets, don't see the problem with FHD, QHD, UHD smartphones and tablets either, I put on my reading glasses and I am in ecstasy. This year we can see 14 nm, 64 bit, 7" UHD tablets with 4/6 GB of GRAM, 128 GB of flash, hundreds of fast GPUs. We see more and more fiber optic cable to the home, basement, node, hybrid fiber coax, 1 GB/s WiFi ac, 128 GB USB 3 sticks, every day. My Nexus 5 has WiFi ac, I saw a WiFi ac USB stick, for $100 today. I loved the downscaling 4k video, on my Nexus 7 FHD the other day. These guys must live in some bizzaro US world where nothing works, I am like a pig in slop, wallowing in the megapixels, as it ought to be and cheap. Posted via Android Central App