Upgrade your Roku TV with these Bluetooth speakers on sale for $150

Roku TV wireless speakers
Roku TV wireless speakers (Image credit: Android Central)

This deal includes a set of wireless Bluetooth speakers specifically designed for Roku TVs. If you don't have a Roku TV, it won't matter much. If you do, it's basically the easiest audio upgrade you can buy, and today it's an incredible value. Grab the Roku TV wireless Bluetooth speakers on sale for $149.99 through the Roku website. These speakers normally go for $200 and rarely drop in price. They are also sold almost exclusively through Roku's site, which means this is your best and only chance to get them on sale.

We share a lot of Roku TV deals, so if you've ever taken the leap you'll want to upgrade them with this set of speakers. Designed just for Roku TVs, these have Bluetooth and can connect to the Roku sound bar for more immersive sound. Easy to set up.

The Roku TV has been one of the best values in HDTVs over the last several years. They also go on sale quite frequently. Plus, the options are always expanding. While TCL makes the best versions in just about every respect, you can also find Roku built into sets from HiSense, Sharp, and more.

There's never been a better time to get a great budget TV with an awesome smart platform. And these speakers just make the TVs that much better. They integrate seamlessly, require little work from you, and greatly enhance your audio experience. By the way, when I say these things are easy to setup, I mean it will probably be the easiest piece of wireless equipment you've ever set up before. It's a main praise from all reviewers.

Each speaker is about six inches tall. They connect to your Roku TV over Wi-Fi and will play whatever audio the Roku TV is playing, whether it's coming from the Roku TV content or something over HDMI or whatever. They are voice operated, too, and have an integrated microphone. They also have Bluetooth so you can stream from Bluetooth devices, but most things like a Blu-ray player will need to be connected through the Roku TV itself first.

Read more about these in our review, which gave them 4 stars out of 5 when they first released.

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