This 4-pack Sengled smart LED multi-color A19 starter kit has dropped to $64.99 at Best Buy. That's a huge drop from its regular $120 price, which is what you'll find it going for at other retailers. The only exceptions are the ones matching Best Buy's price at the moment, which means all these deals go away by this time tomorrow since this is one of Best Buy's deals of the day.

Pretty colors

Sengled smart LED multi-color A19 4-pack starter kit

This starter kit has what you need to add these four bulbs to your smart home ecosystem. Dim, brighten, and change the colors to set the perfect mood. Add more lights to the hub later if you want. Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

$64.99 $120.00 $55 off

Normally Sengled smart bulbs are frustrating because they don't connect instantly to your smart home, but thanks to this starter kit you don't have to worry about that. The kit includes the hub you need to connect your bulbs, and you can then connect your new hub to your smart home ecosystem, giving you full control over the whole set. The hub connects to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network band. Even if you don't have a smart home, use the Sengled Home app on your iOS or Android smartphone to control the lights, turn them on or off, set the brightness, and more.

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These are RGB bulbs, which means you have over 16 million colors to choose from. You can also select from different shades of white (from candlelight to daylight) and different color temperatures (between 2000K and 6500K). They remember their last setting and turn to it even after being turned off.

Put your lights on a routine with set schedules and color changes. They will follow this routine whether you're home or not. And you can expand your smart bulb selection because the hub can host up to 64 LEDs. Add a bunch more lights to the system, including white bulbs, color bulbs, light strips, and more.

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