Motorola Droid 3 accessories

Now that you've picked up your new Motorola Droid 3 it's time to take a gander at some of the best Motorola Droid 3 accessories chosen by the staff here at Android Central as well as our loyal customers.  If you need help finding out which case, charger, or mount is right for your Motorola Droid 3, then this is where you'll find the answers.

Kicking things off we have the four most popular accessories for the Motorola Droid 3:

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Our top accessories for the Motorola Droid 3

When it comes to searching for the right accessories for your Droid 3, you want be sure that you're investing in products that are not only safe for your Android device, but also reliable at the same time.  Whether it's cases for protection, chargers for battery life or even mounts for traveling-- we'll cover all your options to help you decide your favorite Motorola Droid 3 accessories.

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Best Motorola Droid 3 cases

Mobi Products Crystal Case
Mobi Products
Crystal Case

Verizon Leather Side Case
Verizon Leather
Side Case
Case-Mate Barely There Case
Barely There Case

While picking the best case for your Motorola Droid 3 may be easy for some, it can get a little overwhelming with all of the options that are available to you.  Sticking to the basics, the Mobi Crystal Case is a popular choice due to it's transparent and sleek design.  Almost similar to the Crystal Case is the Case-Mate Barely There Case.  Made with a thin hard plastic shell, this case is great for the casual user with its slim form factor.

Looking for something a little more business-casual then the Verizon Leather Side Case is a great choice.  Slip this all-leather case on your belt and you can slide your Motorola Droid 3 in and out when you need it, while it stays completely protected when it's inside the case.

Best Motorola Droid 3 batteries and chargers

Motorola Standard Battery
Motorola BF5X
Standard Battery

Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger
Motorola Multimedia
Desktop Charger
Motorola Micro-USB Car Charger
Motorola Micro-USB
Car Charger

You shouldn't have to worry about keeping your Motorola Droid 3 charged up throughout the day when you've got the right accessories to ensure you've got plenty of juice. 

By that we mean things like a spare battery for the Droid 3 which is easy to pop-out and replace when your current cell has completely depleted.  The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger is great for charging your Droid 3 on your nightstand or office desk.  And of course you can't forget the extremely important Motorola Droid 3 car charger that allows you to power up your Droid 3 while in your vehicle.

Best Motorola Droid 3 car accessories

Motorola Window Mount
Window Mount

Clingo Vent Mount
Vent Mount
Arkon Weighted Dash Mount
Arkon Weighted
Dash Mount

It's time to start making your traveling days much more convenient, don't you think?  These Motorola Droid 3 car accessories will not only make your traveling experience safer, but they'll free your hands up so you can focus on the road. 

Designed for a custom-fit with your Motorola Droid 3, the Motorola Window Mount uses its strong suction cup to grip onto your windshield and seats your Droid 3 in landscape mode for easy-viewing.  The Clingo Vent Mount is a little more universal in that you can stick your Motorola Droid 3 (with or without a case) direction to the mount and it's safe for the entire trip-- leaving no residue.  And for those who have a little extra space on their dash the Arkon Weighted Dash Mount sits perfectly with a completely adjustable friction-style neck.

Best Motorola Droid 3 Bluetooth

Plantronics Voyager Pro+
Plantronics Voyager
Pro+ Bluetooth

Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
Motorola S9-HD
Bluetooth Headphones
Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone
Motorola T505
Bluetooth Speakerphone

There's no better way to talk on your Motorola Droid 3 than completely hands-free, right? These popular bluetooth devices will enable you to talk, exercise and travel all completely wireless.  The Plantronics Voyager Pro+ is among the most popular bluetooth headsets for the Droid 3.  With it's high quality sound and noise cancelling features, it's a top contender in the bluetooth market.  

If you haven't tried Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Headphones with your Motorola Droid 3 then you're definitely in for a treat.  While they're mainly used for running, biking, or hitting the gym-- these comfortable headphones make any kind of daily activity a breeze.

Lastly the Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone is the perfect combination with your Droid 3 in any traveling situation.  Not only does it offer a speakerphone feature built-in, but you can also set your music and calls to come through your car stereo using it's built-in FM transmitter.

Wrapping up the Roundup

By now you should have a good idea of what accessories to pick up for your new Motorola Droid 3 smartphone.  Keep in mind that this only only a taste of all of the Motorola Droid 3 accessories that are available at the Android Central Store.  We're always adding new items every day so be sure to check in for the latest and great on accessories for the Droid 3.