Toguard's discounted 4K dash cam reaches a low price of $45 at Amazon today

Toguard 4K Dash Cam
Toguard 4K Dash Cam (Image credit: Thrifter)

With your car being one of the most expensive things you own, you should take every precaution to make sure it's well taken care of. Going past keeping it clean and driving safely, it's important to have a dash cam in your vehicle these days. They're very inexpensive, easy to setup, and might even save you thousands of dollars if you ever need proof of what happened during an accident. With the Toguard 4K Wide Angle Dash Cam, you can make sure you capture everything that occurs in front of your vehicle for only $45.49. Simply clip the coupon on its product page at Amazon to bring its price this low and save $25. Just a few months ago, this dash camera was selling for as much as $90; it's never gone this low before until now either.

Toguard's 4K Dash Cam is equipped with a 170-degree wide angle lens to help capture multiple lanes of traffic all in a single frame. Thanks to its 4K resolution, you'll have no trouble making out license plates and road signs that pass by in your video recordings. Plus, with its external GPS module, real-time GPS coordinates are added to the video file so you have more concrete evidence of the time and place where any video was recorded.

There are also helpful features like Loop Recording and a 24-hour Parking Monitor which activates the dash cam's recording function if the car is bumped, even if no one is inside at the time. Meanwhile, an integrated G-sensor locks the current video when a sudden shock or collision is detected so that it's not accidentally overwritten by the Loop Recording feature, which overwrites old clips automatically as space is needed for new footage.

This dash cam ships for free at Amazon, though you'd receive your order even faster with an Amazon Prime membership.

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