Control everything you own with these $20 Wemo mini smart plugs

The Wemo mini smart plug (opens in new tab) is down to $20 on Amazon. This is the lowest direct price drop on Amazon for the Wemo plug ever. We've shared deals that saw it drop to $30 and $25 before, but $20 is an all new low. Linksys usually doesn't go this low even with refurbished units (opens in new tab).

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug fits into any electrical outlet without obstructing others, allowing for two smart plugs to be placed into the same socket. The smart plug can be scheduled to turn on or off via the free WeMo app, allowing you to automate anything you plug into the device.

The WeMo app also features an "Away Mode" which will turn the lights on and off at random to give the illusion of someone still being home. No matter where you are, as long as you have access to the app, you can control your home's appliances and electronics straight from your phone. You'll never have to worry again about whether you left the iron on or not.

Definitely add an Echo Dot (opens in new tab) to your setup if you haven't already. They're only $30 right now and paired with one of these smart plugs, lets you do stuff like say "Alexa, turn off the bedroom" so you don't have to get out of bed once you're already under the covers.

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John Levite
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  • Done.
  • "Linksys usually doesn't go this low even with refurbished units." Belkin makes Wemo....
  • Wemo plugs are sooo annoying to set up. It's why I ended up buying Hive plugs to replace my wemo plugs and Philips Hue to replace my wemo lights.
  • Hey guys, here's the catch. The creators of these product are trying to steal your money. The plugs "controlling everything you own", that's a lie. The plug only controls smart home appliances, i.e Nest Thermostat, Smart Lights, (yes, those exist). So if you just got one of these or a Hive plug or something like that, get a refund. If you want one for Christmas, (seriously, get something better) don't get it.
  • Found the competitor. While it's true that the "everything you own" phrase in the title is obviously inaccurate (these won't control your pets), you're otherwise woefully incorrect. These plugs (like similar plugs from TP-Link and many others) electrically disconnect and connect whatever is plugged in, like the on/off switch of a surge protector, except wifi-controlled (in addition to a manual pushbutton switch). Does the Nest Thermostat even use mains power from a receptacle? Every picture I've seen of it doesn't have an ugly cord hanging down from it.
  • These mini plugs control will control any device that plugs in to a three prong socket and has a dedicated ON toggle switch. If you can leave the toggle on, you can control that device with these plugs. Wemo mini plugs DO NOT control smart lights or the Nest thermostat, and are not required for Smart Appliances. Booba Booba is woefully incorrect.
  • Best Buy was selling these today in-store for $20. With local tax, one unit cost $21.50, and I had it today rather than wait for Amazon delivery.
  • Amazon Prime Now had them at my door in under two hours for $20 a piece. Oh, and I also got $10 off from a promo code. Not bad.
  • Says $24.99.
  • That's what I'm seeing as well
  • Probably was a one-day deal.