Save on your subscription to Spotify Premium with this discounted gift card

Discounts on Spotify don't come around often at all, but right now PayPal is offering 16% off the $60 Spotify gift card while supplies last! That means you can score it for just $50 currently. This gift card is only valid for individual accounts; Student and Family plans are excluded. However, it's worth noting that both new and current users of the service can take advantage of this offer.

My favorite aspect of Spotify comes after you've been listening for a week or two. Once the site has discovered some of your music tastes, it will start spitting out recommendations and playlists designed for you which actually hit the mark pretty well, at least for me. It's a great way to discover music and also relisten to your favorite jams. There are also several interesting podcasts that are exclusively available to Spotify listeners only.

Right now you can score $5 off the $50 Google Play gift card too, but this deal comes courtesy of Amazon.

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Alex Smith
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