With the Roku Streaming Stick+ on sale for just $49, now's a better time than ever to grab one for your home as you can also score a free three-month membership to CBS All Access with its purchase. Not only that, but $49 is one of the lowest prices this 4K streaming device has ever reached and $20 off its full cost. The included CBS All Access subscription normally costs $30, and you'll also receive a $5 Vudu credit if you order via Walmart.

Amazon and Target are also offering the Roku Streaming Stick+ for $49 right now with three months of CBS All Access, though the Vudu credit isn't included there. There is also a slight difference in the remote you'll receive, as Walmart's version includes a Vudu button while the other retailers replace it with a DirecTV Now button. Trust this current Vudu user and previous DirecTV Now subscriber, and opt for the Vudu model — especially considering DirecTV Now's recent price increases.

Having been a CBS All Access user for a few months now, it has a large selection of content if you find yourself interested in series like Big Brother or Star Trek. New series like Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight have been airing exclusively on the service, too. To score your free three months, you'll need to download the CBS All Access app on your Roku device once you've received it and follow the on-screen prompts. More info can be found here; this offer technically works on any Roku device valued at $25 or more, but it must be activated before May 5th, 2019. Please note this CBS All Access offer is for new subscribers only.

With Roku's Streaming Stick+, you'll be able to download apps like Netflix and Hulu straight to the device and then stream content in 4K or HD to your TV. Just plug it in via the HDMI port. It comes with a voice remote along with an advanced wireless receiver compared to older models. You can even control it by downloading the free Roku mobile app to your smartphone or tablet.

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