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The Roku Premiere+ is down to its lowest price ever

The Roku Premiere+ media streaming device is down to $78.22 on Amazon. This is a device that regularly sells at $85 on Amazon and $90 at other retailers like Walmart. This deal brings it down to the lowest price it has ever been, and Best Buy comes pretty close to matching at $80.

The Roku Premiere+ is the media streaming device you want if you're looking for the most high definition you can possibly get your streaming content. For example, if you bought a brand new 4K Ultra HD TV and need some smart functionality, this would be the device to get to take advantage of those features. While a lot of TVs like that might already come with smart features, I can promise you it won't be nearly as robust or easy-to-use as a Roku.

In addition to HD content, you also get access to the entire Roku lineup, which includes more than 4,500 streaming channels. All of the big names like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Pandora are available. Both devices plug into your TV via HDMI, offer 1080p HD streaming and have an infrared remote control.

If you just want access to all the streaming Roku has to offer and don't need the extra HD content, the Roku Express is only $25 right now.

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  • Don't order this! The Ultra is only a few bucks more on Amazon ($79.99)
  • That appears to be a refurb unit for $79.99. the one in the article has the full warranty and assuming you don't need a USB port is a better buy.
  • Walmart has the 2016 Roku Ultra for $64.00 (in store only). I picked one up yesterday.
  • I bought the Premier+ a few months ago for only one reason: To replace my Comcast Box and use the Xfinity app. It does that very well as well as all the other apps. For everything else I run the equivalent Android TV app on my Nvidia Shield TV. Unfortunately, Still a few apps that are only on Roku. Roku really needs to update their interface but they do a great job of streaming.
  • Infrared remote? If that's true, that's lame. My Roku 3 has a Wi-Fi remote. No need to point it directly at the Roku. Hell, don't even need to be in the same room to pause playback. I suppose you can always use the phone app's remote feature but that is not as convenient (or fast to access) as simply grabbing a physical remote off the coffee table. Would love to be able to launch the Roku with my Google Home.
  • I really don't understand the benefits of having one of these, can someone explain? Thanks!
    I mean I find stuff on my computer, then I just stream and cast to my tv. Everyone has this ability, I don't understand.