Learn more from your body temperature with the $69 Nokia Thermo Smart Thermometer

These days, thermometers can accomplish much more than just telling you your body's temperature. Right now, one of the more advanced thermometers on the market, the Nokia Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer, is on sale at Amazon for a new low price of $68.95. Today's deal saves you nearly $20 off its average price there, though it sometimes sells for up to $100.

The Nokia Thermo is equipped with 16 infrared sensors which take over 4,000 measurements to give you an extremely accurate reading. It's ultra-fast and easy to use, plus it has a color-coded LED fever indicator to let you know if your temperature is normal, elevated, or high. It connects to the Nokia Thermo app for Android (or iOS) via Wi-Fi so you can view data from each of its measurements from your smartphone or tablet, where it will also give you health advice based on your data. It reads temperatures by simply brushing it across a forehead, which helps keep it more sanitary than other thermometers. It's even capable of storing temperature history for up to eight people simultaneously.

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Alex Smith
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