Grab yourself a Misfit fitness tracker for the insanely low price of $10 during its anniversary sale

Misfit is celebrating its anniversary all month long with some stellar deals on its hybrid smartwatches, fitness trackers, and accessories, including 40% off select smartwatch straps and $5 tracker bands. With free shipping, you'll be able to make out with a fantastic deal no matter which items you choose.

Previously priced between $175 and $195, each version of the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch is now down to $49.99. It not only works as a fitness tracker to count your steps and help you stay in shape, but it can also receive notifications directly from your smartphone and has a smart-button function that will let you wirelessly take a photo, play or pause music, and more. It's important to note however that these water-resistant watches have replaceable batteries which last for up to six months.

If you're looking for something simpler, the swim-proof Misfit Ray Fitness + Sleep Tracker is a nice buy as well. Though it's regularly available for $100, right now you can pick it up in black for just $9.99. It can track your steps, receive vibration alerts for specific notifications from your phone, and more. However, its battery can only last for four months as opposed to the Phase's longer-lasting battery.

While the sale's still going, it'd be wise to make sure to pick up a few smartwatch straps or tracker bands as well. There's a range of straps available so you could go for a classy link bracelet for $23.99 or a simpler sport strap for $11.99. The various tracker bands are pretty neat as well and offer a myriad of styles to choose from.

Though the sale doesn't end until October 31, there's no telling whether certain products will stay in stock or not. Make sure to head to Misfit while you can to take advantage of this offer before all the best options are gone!

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Alex Smith
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  • I was going to jump on this as I love watches and the Phase looks very nice but I checked out the reviews on Amazon and there is a very large amount of people stating their watch face cracked without being dropped, bumped, etc. If it was only one or two I'd write them off but it is a very large percentage of the total reviews so I'm out.
  • The track watch I had stop syncing with my phone. I need a new one. I'm a senior on a fixed income and can't afford an expensive one. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • All out of stock :-(