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Answer this call to save 50% on a new LG G7 or V40 ThinQ smartphone

LG V40 Maps
LG V40 Maps (Image credit: Android Central)

Verizon has a stellar deal on LG's G7 and V40 ThinQ smartphones, offering 50% off their regular purchase price for a limited time! There are some important stipulations you'll want to be aware of though, so don't skip the information below.

Just this week, Thrifter shared a deal promoting the unlocked LG G7 ThinQ at $430. While that's a pretty great price for it, today's deal at Verizon is the best we've ever seen! Snagging this phone at $375 is a rare offer that you should fully consider. Meanwhile, the V40 is priced at just $479.99.

To ensure you get this deal, you'll need to choose the Monthly Device Payments option on the product page. The savings are applied to your monthly bill as a credit over 24 months; that means you would only half to pay 50% of the device's regular monthly price. Another thing to note is that you must add either the G7 or V40 as a new smartphone line on your account to become eligible for this offer.

If you're stuck between which device to purchase, our reviews of the LG V40 ThinQ and LG G7 ThinQ should help illuminate which would fit your needs best.

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  • "...that means you would only half to pay 50% of the device's regular monthly price." *have to pay
  • Should have been the release price. Their high prices when they come out always drop like a lead balloon. That's LG for ya!
  • DOGGONE IT, you seriously need to start prefacing these entries with "Monthly Device Payments will net you blah blah on the cost of this phone!" Not that it's half off!!! This makes me so angry. Example: it's just like saying "FREE HOUSE!!! - then in the fine print you out "after 30 years of payments." Why am I the only one constantly complaining about these in the comments??? Is everyone else ok with misinformation?
  • agree completely ----- no offense but stuff like this is pretty close to "clickbait".....
  • This site is now full on ADroid Central... I expect nothing less.