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Lenovo's Smart Clock offers a new way to wake up with the Google Assistant at $30 off

Lenovo's new Smart Clock with the Google Assistant (opens in new tab) recently received a badge of Recommendation from Android Central, in part due to its built-in speaker and quick Google Assistant functionality. This smart alarm clock was built to do much more than just wake you up in the morning; it can help control compatible smart home devices, stream music, check the weather, and more, and while it's normally priced at $79.99, you can snag one right now for only $49.99 (opens in new tab) via Best Buy's official eBay store and its main site. That's the best price it's reached so far, beating out a deal we saw via Walmart for $60 about a month ago.

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The Lenovo Smart Clock can stream music, control compatible smart home devices, and even lets you voice control it to set alarms and more using the integrated Google Assistant.

This smart clock lets you voice control it with simple commands. Just say "Hey Google" to set customized alarms, stream music, listen to audiobooks or the radio, and more. It's equipped with a 4-inch touchscreen that can show you weather and traffic infomation for your area, album art for currently playing music, and even video feeds from compatible smart home devices you might own like the Nest Cam.

To learn more about the Lenovo Smart Clock, check out our full review which rates it with four out of five stars.

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