Grab an original Pebble smart watch (refurb) for just $18

The original Pebble smartwatch made waves when it was first revealed. From the moment it hit Kickstarter there was a ton of hype around it, and people loved it once they got their hands on it. Years have passed since the initial release, and while smart watches have become more sophisticated and Pebble was bought out by Fitbit, there are still people who enjoy the simplicity that the original Pebble brings to the table.

If you're looking to purchase a piece of smart watch history, whether to use it or to just add it to your collection, you won't want to miss out on this offer. Right now, with the coupon code PEBBLE7 you can pick one up for just $18 from Daily Steals. These are refurbished units, and you can pick between white, black, hot pink, and red when you place your order. This is a discount of $7 off the normal selling price.

Being a refurbished unit, you may notice signs of wear and tear like scratches or dings on the watch itself. As far as performance goes, the watch should perform like new, and it does come with a 60-day warranty in case you run into any issues. While Pebble may not officially support the watch any longer, there are still developers and others interested in keeping it alive and running well.

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