Although we don't have flying cars or robot butlers yet, recent surges in smart home technology still make 2019 feel like we are living in an episode of The Jetsons. This two-pack of Etekcity Smart Plugs from Amazon will make your home a little bit smarter and a whole lot cooler, and right now they are on sale for only $16.90. That means you'll be paying just $8.45 apiece for them, and snagging one of their best prices in history too.

Smart Buy

Etekcity Smart Plugs, 2-pack

Smart plugs can be used for tons of stuff around the house, and this 2-pack is a great way to get started.

$16.90 $21.48 $4 off

You can do a ton of neat things with these smart plugs. Track your power usage, set timers, and schedules, or turn off your TV with your voice instead of trying to find the remote. These are easy to set up and come with a two-year warranty as well. These smart plugs do not support Google Home, SmartThings, HomeKit or IFTTT at this time, though Amazon Alexa devices are compatible.

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