Newegg has the Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat on sale for $189.99, which is the lowest we've ever seen it drop. Even better, it's bundled with a smart room sensor, helping you stretch your dollars and smarten up your home even more. You'll also get a free TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb, which is an incredible value for those looking to add to an intelligent home. Shipping is free. You're saving about $40 total compared to the usual cost before the free bulb is factored in.

Smarten Up

Ecobee4 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat + Room Sensor

This new-and-improved model has never dropped this low in price before, and it allows you to set the perfect temperature using your voice since Alexa is built-in.

$189.99 $229.99 $40 off

This luxe thermostat features a glass finish, touch display, far-field voice recognition, and more. Having a smart thermostat can actually save you money over time. For instance, it can lower the temperature at night, or keep your house warmer when you aren't home.

The thermostat also features Alexa voice control built right in, so a few spoken words can adjust the temperature of your home. That functionality offers you a slew of Alexa skills, like music playback, weather forecasts, and drop-in calling. You can control it via the free app for iOS and Android, too. Installation takes 45 minutes or less, and the thermostat also plays nicely with Google Assistant, HomeKit, SmartThings, IFTTT, and more.

The smart sensor has built-in occupancy sensors which help your thermostat pay attention to rooms that matter and ensure that your entire home has an even temperature. For instance, if your bedroom tends to get warm at night, you can place a sensor in the room and your thermostat will keep the temperature lower. Alternatively, if there are specific rooms of the house that you don't use very often, or you just don't want to waste energy while you're not home, a sensor can help your thermostat avoid excess heating or cooling in unoccupied spaces. That means more money shaved off your power bill. Activation takes just a few seconds as well. Your purchase is backed by a three-year warranty.

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