The Cree Connected 60W daylight A19 dimmable LED smart bulb is down to $7.85 on Amazon. The single bulb has been selling for around $12 for the last few months and was $16 before that. It has never gone this low prior to today. At this price, you could turn every bulb in your house into a smart bulb. If you want more than one bulb, you may want to check out the discounted 6-pack which drops the price of each individual bulb to just $7.20.

Get Connected

Cree Connected 60W daylight A19 dimmable LED bulb

The Cree light is easy to setup and use and connects to Alexa with a hub. The individual bulbs have never been more affordable, and you can save even more with a multipack.

$7.85 $11.97 $4 off

Cree bulbs are smart, dimmable, and connect to your smart home through the ZigBee wireless protocol. If you want to add voice control, the Cree bulb does work with Amazon's Alexa. You'll need to use the Echo Plus that supports Zigbee or get something like the Wink Hub 2. The bulb produces up to 815 lumens. It will last for more than 22 years and comes with a three-year warranty.

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