The Anker 10W Qi-certified PowerWave Pad wireless charger is down to $11.99 on Amazon.To get the discounted price, be sure to check the on-page coupon and enter code ANKERB03 during checkout. The charging pad normally sells for $20 and has never dropped lower than $16 directly.

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Anker 10W PowerWave Pad wireless charger

This wireless charging pad gets a discount thanks to its on-page coupon at Amazon and the stackable code below. It's also covered by an 18-month warranty.

$11.99 $19.99 $8 off

With coupon: ANKERB03

The pad provides 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy and similar phones, and it provides a 7.5W fast charge for any iPhone with wireless charging. Other devices that support regular Qi charging will power up at the standard 5W. The LED indicator lets you know the charging status of the device, including whether or not the phone's case is too think or there's something else between the phone and the charger. Luckily, the pad works with most cases up to 5mm thick. Any metal or cards in the back of the phone will prevent charging. It comes with an 18-month warranty.

This version of the PowerWave Pad is basically the same as the older model, though that version only supports either a 10W charge or a 5W charge so iPhone users could only charge up at the slower rate. It's worth noting that the charger comes with the necessary cable but does not come with a wall adapter, and you'll want one with Quick Charge 3.0 if you plan to use that tech, so it would be wise to grab that additional accessory at the same time to ensure you're getting the fastest charge.

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