The Echo Dot is basically the smart home starter kit. It's easy to use, seamless to set up, always getting smarter, and thanks to these Amazon Bundles, extremely affordable right now.

First up, we have the Echo Dot 3rd-Generation Smart Speaker available for $29.99. That price is stellar compared to the usual $50 price tag, and even better when you consider how rarely these go on sale. On Black Friday, they were selling for $25, so paying just $5 more in May is a pretty sweet deal in and of itself. The Echo Dot gives you voice control over music, compatible smart products, and essentially, your entire life. I have one in my kitchen, and I'm constantly asking Alexa to set a timer, tell me the weather, update me on the Blackhawks score, play music via Spotify or Pandora, or use one of her Skills to relax my cats during spring thunderstorms. (Yes, it works, in case you're wondering.) Alexa can even read you books or play Skyrim, and all you have to do is ask.

Alexa, Do The Things

Amazon Echo Dot Bundles

Whether you want a single Echo Dot, or a bundle with Smart Bulbs or Smart Plugs, these prices get you close to the best deals we've seen.

From $30

If you want even more for even less, pair your discounted Dot with a TP-Link Smart Plug for $15 more or a Sengled Smart Lighting Kit for $20 more. Those deals save you tons of money compared to buying the products separately, and each is compatible with your new smart speaker. Use the Smart Plug to add smarts to older tech, and do things like voice-control your box fan or turn on your TV. The lighting kit is awesome, too. Turn on the lights, adjust brightness, or randomize the bulbs so it looks like you're home when you're not.

The only downside? Once you buy an Echo Dot, you're hooked. Don't say I didn't warn you. When you're ready for your next home automation fix, check out additional colorful smart bulbs, smart power strips, or smart thermostats. You smarty pants, you.

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