Motorola continues to make compelling phones in a few different categories

Whether you're looking for a value-conscious choice that offers a great experience, a high-end device with the top bells and whistles, or an over-the-top carrier-specific model on Verizon, Motorola has you covered here. Even though it is now owned by Lenovo there isn't any shortage of innovation — the Moto G line is still a great choice at a lower price, the Moto Z line looks very promising and the last couple years of Droids have been solid for those on Verizon as well.

And here's where we gather up all of the models from Motorola that require the most attention — the top Motorola phones you should know about, whether you're in the market to buy right now or just need to know a bit more about them.

Article updated October 2016 to keep up with the new models.