New TCL Google TV lineup lets you ditch the dongle, preorder now from $700

TCL 6 Series Google Tv Contrast Zones
TCL 6 Series Google Tv Contrast Zones (Image credit: TCL)

What you need to know

  • TCL has launched its new range of Google TV sets.
  • The new TCL 5-Series TVs feature up to 60 local dimming zones, 4K resolution, and variable refresh rate.
  • The higher-end 6-Series features TCL's mini-LED technology and up to 240 dimming zones for better contrast.

TCL announced back at CES 2021 that it was launching a lineup of TVs powered by Google TV. Seven months later, those TVs are finally available.

The new 5-Series TV sets are entry-level models that span from 50 inches to 75 inches. A 4K resolution comes standard, along with variable refresh rate (between 48Hz and 60Hz) and up to 60 local dimming zones. They also sport Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and all the major HDR formats in North America. Spec-wise, it's roughly par-for the course for an entry-level 4K TV.

The new 6-Series is where things get a little more interesting. These sets feature "TCL-pioneered mini-LED backlight technology," allowing up to 240 local dimming zones for much better contrast than a typical LED TV. It features a 120Hz display for smooth motion, two HDMI 2.1 ports (out of four), and a THX Certified Game Mode for low-latency and variable refresh rate, making it ideal for playing some of the best PS5 games.

Of course, because the new lineup has Google TV built-in, you have access to plenty of Google services such as Google Assistant, AI-based recommendations, and Ambient Mode to display images from your albums on Google Photos. If you're in the market for a new TV, TCL's new lineup could be an affordable option that won't require you to go out and buy a Chromecast with Google TV dongle.

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