Google TV is coming to more TVs with TCL's 2021 lineup

Chromecast With Google TV
Chromecast With Google TV (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • TCL says it's launching a Google TV device sometime in 2021.
  • The company made this announcement at its CES trade show press conference this morning.
  • It was very light on detail, sharing only the expected launch date.

TCL today teased that it would be launching its first Google TVs this year. The company made the announcement at its virtual CEs press conference (via Android Police), but it was light on details. other than it would be coming "later this year."

The new Google TV is an upgrade over Android TV that Google debuted in the summer. It brought new life to the old platform, refocusing its interface on the breadth of content that was available and helping users find shows they'd be interested in more readily. It was a departure from the app-based interface that Android TV pushed, and one that was well-received.

Reviewing the Google TV interface at launch, Android Central's Joe Maring praised it heavily, saying:

I've thoroughly enjoyed everything else about Google TV. I love that it's integrated throughout the entire interface instead of being a standalone app the way Apple handles its TV application, it's ten times easier to find new shows to watch, and adding a show to your watchlist from Google Search also adds it to your Google TV watchlist (which is fantastic). None of these features would matter if Google had a bunch of missing gaps with supported services, so having almost all major streaming apps integrated from day one means we get to use an actual completed product rather than a work-in-progress. Coming from Google, that's a big deal.

In other words, we have a lot to look forward to when TCL starts rolling these out on their TVs.

On than that, TCL also announced new Roku TV models, launching a refresh of its 6 Series line this morning at CES. It announced an XL Collection of jumbo-sized TVs, bringing 85-inch TVs to its audience.

Chromecast Snow at an angle

Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast with Google TV is Google's first real TV stick in the traditional sense. Coming in three sleek colors, the low-price and thoughtful interface make this a tempting product.

Michael Allison
  • I have a 55" Roku TCL that's only a few years old. It has Dolby Vision and HDR10 but no HDR10+. It would be nice to switch it out with a TCL 55" Google TV with all the latest HDR standards but since I have the Chromecast with Google TV, I'll hold onto the Roku version for now. I hope the Google TV version sells well for them so there will be more in the future.
  • But how does it perform? I've read numerous rows of existing TVs that get bogged down when a lot of things are open. Have they fixed the resource management? As does it finally support HDMI 2.1?