Got a great voice? Got a terrible one? Have a pretty normal one but just have a few opinions you'd like the world to hear? Time to become a content creator and put your audio out there on the internet! The Razer Seiren X professional grade USB streaming microphone is down to $69.99 at Amazon. That's $30 off its regular price and a match for what it was going for on Black Friday. The mic normally sells for around $100, and it has struggled to drop from that price for most of the year. This is the best deal we've seen since last January, and we're almost to the next January!

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Razer Seiren X professional grade USB streaming microphone

The mic has a super cardioid pickup pattern so sound is recorded at a tighter angle. It has a built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations. You'll get superior audio broadcasting and a Pro extender frequency and transient response.

$69.99 $100.00 $30 off

The mic uses a super cardioid pickup pattern. It records sound at a tighter angle, which helps reduce unwanted background noise (like mechanical keyboards) and provides clear, crisp audio. Dampen vibrations from your keyboard and other sounds, too, thanks to the built-in shock mount. A mount like that helps keep those abnormal sound fragments off your video. At the same time, the mic will pick up all the nuances of your voice. It uses an extender frequency and transient response so your voice is clear and precise.

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The compact and sleek design gives you a lot of flexibility in placement for the mic. The compact form factor won't get in the way of your screens or your camera or whatever else you use to stream. Monitor yourself in real time while streaming thanks to zero-latency monitoring. You'll be able to hear what your viewers are hearing without getting an echo effect.

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