Treat the fam-jam to $90 off the Google Pixel Tablet during Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale

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If you've been hoping for a sweet Google Pixel Tablet deal this Prime Day, we've got good news: Amazon is slashing a hefty $90 off the device. This is arguably the best family tablet you can buy right now, plus it comes with a free charging speaker dock. 

Not only that, but this is the lowest price we’ve seen for the tablet since it first launched in the spring. The deal, which includes the 128GB model in Rose/Porcelain finish, is part of the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days shopping event, which takes place October 10 and 11. 

Forget a smart display, get a Google Pixel tablet deal this Prime Day

Google Pixel Tablet: $499.99 $409.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel Tablet: $499.99 $409.99 at Amazon  

The Google Pixel Tablet is the perfect blend of tablet and smart display, with the ability to use it seamlessly as both. It can be your personal tablet for gaming, surfing the web, and watching movies, or dock it and use it to display a slideshow of photos, use it as a smart home hub remote, and more. Plus, everyone in the family can have their own profile, and it stays continuously charged on its speaker dock.

The Google Pixel Tablet can be used just like any other tablet. Enjoy the 11-inch touchscreen as you walk around the home or take it with you to use while out and about. What truly sets this tablet apart from others, however, is that it comes with a charging speaker dock that recharges the tablet while it’s displayed and functions as a stand. You can also use the tablet as a smart home hub, even while it’s docked and the screen is locked. The speaker dock is the perfect stand for watching movies or enjoy video calls with someone, offering enhanced audio. The tablet even has built-in Chromecast. 

What makes the Google Pixel Tablet the perfect family tablet is that you can set up multiple profiles for each member of the family who can access their own. They can log into their own account using a pin or fingerprint ID to access personal photos, apps, favorites, and more. In his review, Android Central’s Andrew Myrick said he couldn’t stop finding different reasons to use it.

This isn’t a serious productivity tablet, but the Google Pixel Tablet does come with USI 2.0 support for optional styluses. At its core, it’s a wonderful, sharable tablet that you’ll grab for when at home and take with you on the road while traveling. 

With the split screen feature, pull up a smart TV remote or footage from your compatible security camera on one side while chatting with a friend in a message window or social media on the other. Myrick loves that with the Hub Mode, he could quickly and easily do things like control the lights in his home and check on security cameras. 

If you have kids and you’re looking for a great smart home remote and casual tablet they can share and use for watching videos, playing simple games, and surfing the web, the Google Pixel Tablet is a great option. It’s “the master of doing everything you want,” says Myrick, “including things you wouldn’t have expected.” 

How can you enjoy this amazing deal? You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription, but if you aren’t already a member, sign up for a 30-day free trial. Once signed on, you can take advantage of October Prime Day deals like this one on October 10 and 11. Get one before it’s gone!

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