Pixel Tablet users can finally use Circle to Search on Android 14

Google Pixel Tablet
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What you need to know

  • Circle to Search is now available on the Pixel Tablet running Android 14, allowing users to circle items on their screens to search the web instantly.
  • Following its announcement in January alongside the Galaxy S24 series launch, Circle to Search has been progressively introduced to Pixel smartphones.
  • Currently, the feature does not work in split-screen mode, but support for this is expected in a future update.

Circle to Search is now rolling out on the Pixel Tablet with Android 14, meaning you can circle things on your screen to instantly search the web.

It was inevitable that Google would bring Circle to Search to its Android tablet after hints of its upcoming release. Back in January, when the Galaxy S24 series launched, Google announced plans to expand Circle to Search to its Pixel devices. Since then, it has gradually made its way to the Pixel smartphones.

9to5Google reports that all Pixel Tablet users now have access to the handy feature. Previously, it was only available to users in the Android 15 beta.

During the Pixel Tablet's re-launch a few days ago, Google confirmed that Circle to Search would be added in late May, so this latest update isn't too surprising.

Google has introduced many features over the years, but Circle to Search has really caught everyone's attention. It offers more control over on-screen information with unmatched ease. Just press and hold on the bottom navigation bar, circle what you're curious about, and instant web search results will instantly show up.

For now, the Circle to Search feature only works when you're not using split screen. However, support for split screen should be available in a future update, as it has already been tested in beta.

Meanwhile, Circle to Search isn't available for iPhone users. However, Google is offering Apple fans a similar solution that essentially replicates the function.

Users of the latest iPhone models can now set up a shortcut for the Action Button to take a screenshot of their current screen and open it in the Google Lens app for analysis. Although it's not the exact same process as Circle to Search, it effectively achieves the same result.

It's common to see something on our phone screens that piques our interest, and Google is always looking to streamline how we get information. That's where Circle to Search comes in, offering a new method to look up information on mobile devices.

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