The Pixel Tablet's new media handoff will bring users 'close to cast'

Google Pixel Tablet in vertical mode
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What you need to know

  • More details about the Pixel Tablet's new media handoff feature state it will be called "hold close to cast."
  • Users can hold their Pixel phone closely before their tablet to cast music and video onto it so long as they're on the same private Wi-Fi network.
  • The settings page seemingly alerts users to the fact that not every media app will work with this feature.

Google's development of a new media handoff feature for the Pixel Tablet progresses as new information surfaces.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman unearthed the settings page for the upcoming media casting feature. From his discovery, Rahman detailed the feature is allegedly called "hold close to cast." To handoff, the page states you must "reach your phone toward a Pixel Tablet to cast media." Users must also ensure they are on the same private Wi-Fi network as the tablet for this feature to work.

Whenever Google decides to bring this feature, it looks like it won't work with every app.

Moreover, once it launches, users should find it by heading into Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing > Cast options.

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Word of Google developing a new media handoff feature for the Pixel Tablet came two weeks ago when Rahman first sifted through its early preview. It was made apparent then that the feature would let users hold their Pixel device in front of their Pixel Tablet to cast videos and music. The upcoming function bears some similarity to Google's seamless media transfer function shown off during CES 2023, as well.

There's also a bit of uncertainty behind whether or not the "hold close to cast" feature will play off the Pixel Tablet's UWB connectivity. Google has hardly found a use for its tablet's UWB chip outside of Nearby Share.

With the early preview suggesting the media handoff won't work with every app in the store, it's possible the full rollout could support YouTube and Spotify at the very least.

Furthermore, Google has been spotted preparing to bring some handwriting stylus support for the tablet, which already works with USI 2.0 pens. This brings a settings page with customization options so users can tune their pens' speed and stroke width with parameters they're comfortable with.

The software's deep dive shows how far along in the development process this is, much like the new handoff feature, which is cause for a little excitement. In a time where we're encroaching on the stable release of Android 14, perhaps these features will arrive in hand fairly soon.

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