Handwriting stylus support for the Pixel Tablet looks imminent

USI Stylus pens on Pixel Tablet in Google Canvas
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • New handwriting stylus support for the Pixel Tablet has been spotted within a new settings page in Gboard during a deep dive.
  • The settings page lets users preview changes done to their stylus settings, as well as other handwriting features.
  • It's not clear when Pixel Tablet owners will get their hands on this feature but it could happen soon.
  • Previous rumors have suggested Google is still working on developing its own stylus and keyboard for the Pixel Tablet.

It looks like Google is preparing to roll out some more stylus support on its Android tablet. As detailed by Mishaal Rahman, evidence of the Pixel Tablet's newfound handwriting stylus support appeared during a deep dive when tapping the "write in text fields" option in Gboard.

This tosses users over to a settings page with a description stating that anything written with a stylus will be "converted to text that you can edit or delete." Furthermore, the page serves as a place users can visit to alter the handwriting speed of their stylus and stroke width.

Tapping "Try it" on the settings page will let users demo changes to their speed and width options before moving on. Additionally, Google is offering previews of other handwriting features like deleting, selecting, inserting, joining words, and new line.

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Unfortunately, the information gained is all we have to chew on, as nothing was truly working during this deep dive into the coming feature. However, this suggests that Google could develop an update for the new stylus support soon.

When Google launched the Pixel Tablet a few months back, the device came with pre-existing support for USI 2.0 stylus pens. For a while now, connecting a supported pen would offer the option to access the tablet's default notes app and to "write in text fields" — sans what's likely to come.

Rahman floats the possibility that Google could look to launch some new first-party accessories for the Pixel Tablet later this year. It's not an entirely outlandish guess since rumors have swirled for a while now about Google's internal development of such items.

A developer's perusal of the Pixel Retail Demo app in June unearthed a mention of a "Keyboard for Pixel Tablet" and "Pen for Pixel Tablet."

It was also rumored that the Pixel Tablet's accessories didn't arrive with the device due to certain internal delays. Moreover, the stylus and keyboard were allegedly "not finished" by the time Google decided to launch the tablet with just a charging speaker dock and metal ring stand.

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