Google is bringing some media magic to your Android devices with Spotify, YouTube Music

Google's Everything Better Together
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What you need to know

  • Google is bringing support to the Android 13 media switcher to Spotify Connect devices.
  • The company plans to make switching content between devices seamless with apps like YouTube Music and Spotify.
  • Google explains that media transfer is possible with the help of Android's technology stack and wireless technologies. 

CES 2023 is currently underway, and Google is present at the show to show off some new software magic. The software giant has touted its "better together" initiative over the past year, and at CES 2023, the company is focusing its efforts on media, particularly when it comes to streaming platforms like YouTube Music and Spotify. With upcoming features, Google is showing off new ways users can bring their tunes with them wherever they go.

This year, Google is working with Spotify to expand the new Android 13 media output switcher. That means users will be able to switch between Spotify Connect devices from the media player. This is something users can already do with YouTube and YouTube Music, switching between connected Bluetooth or Chromecast devices from their Android phones.

The Android 13 media player switching to Spotify Connect devices

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However, Google is taking things a bit further by bringing seamless media transfers to Android phones. The idea is that you can move your music or podcast between devices like your headphones, vehicles, and TVs based on your proximity to these devices. Your phone will notify you if you're near a device, and you'll be able to transfer the media with just a tap.

Android's upcoming media notification

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Google says something like this is possible thanks to Android's technology stack, taking advantage of wireless technologies like Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi, and recognizing how close these devices are and how you interact with them. Examples of this already exist with features like Nearby Share and Fast Pair, and Google is taking it forward for uninterrupted media consumption.

The company says it's working on bringing this to both YouTube Music and Spotify, although it did not provide details on when this feature will be available.

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